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Slackers, where's the daily?

RL: pfft, what's that? Watched House.

D2: Leveled my hc blizzardess up to a whopping level of 16. She recieved the Outer cloister WP and rann the countess once and scored an eld :thumbsup: Level 12 ice blast is perrrty.

have fun!


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Rl:just go home from collage

D2: dot no yet probly start working on my pvp wirly barb. got some planning to do first thought


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RL: Got a Reckless operations dropped in court today, that makes me happy.

D2: Have it running, but havent even gotten on a character yet.


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RL: Iron Maiden concert was a blast! In the aftershocks my friend bought me a weird drink. "Mint whiskey" And as a friend of whiskey, i believe that whiskey should be drinked straight. Not even on the rocks, so needless to say, I didnt like the drink at all. Something like mint liqueur and whiskey blended. Weird...
And now i have to watch a movie that i didnt even want to watch, but my girlfriend insisted. And now shes "soooo tired".

D2: Sorc is in act 2. Level 19 or so. Really looking forward to Duriel. Eeek!


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RL: Basketball tryouts start today... this will seriously cut into my d2 time..

D2: Have my java/strafe hybrid up to level 66 and running nm meph for a pair of titans... looking for one item in particular NEVER works, so I'll probably be at this for a few days. Oh well, time wasted on a video game is time well spent...


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Hey all!

RL: Day off today, so the usual. I've got to start getting ready to move soon! Went out and bought some model paint though, and added a few Transformers to my collection.

D2: Woke up too early, so entered the Palace with Thena my LF/PJ zon. Cleared that, and the AS, so she's sitting pretty at the Canyon of the Magi WP. Probably start clearing tombs tonight. In two days I've found two Rogue's Bows with her. Strange. Now if I find another later, I'll think the game is trying to tell me something. (What I don't know.)



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My first post in the daily threads!

RL: Went to school. Got report cards, I was pleasently surprised when I looked at it and saw four A's and two B's. Besides that, nothings been going on at all.

D2: Leveled my FB/Orb sorc up a bit. She's up to 73 now, and still stuck in act 1 Hell. Hopefully I can make some good progress over the next week. But I really need some better items. I'm only at 2.8k FB dmg, with maxed FB, Meteor, and 17 in Fire mastery.


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RL: I got suspended at work for being 3 minutes late twice so Im chilling out at the house playing D2 and NFSU2 for the next 4 days bought a motorcycle Ive wanted from my friend today also.
D2: I dunno0 stuck dont want to do A3 norm because I hate A3 and have two chars in A2 NM I should do and one in A4 hell finaly hes getting owned though so dunno. cheers