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I had a really horrible day yesterday. There is a bug (or rather a nest of bugs) in the code from another department and I had to test several versions with supposed fixes that didn't fix anything. Furthermore, all people in that department seem on vacation, including their boss. Finally I found someone who at least looked at the cases but had no in depth knowledge about the code in question ... we need a fix today or we can't hold our own schedules.

In the evening I was quite tired of that day and didn't play too much. My necro killed Shenk and Eldritch and is now halfways through the rescue quest. I need 2 more points (rescue quest and next waypoint) for rank 1 in the MET :) Hey Illiana, Cattleya, play some more to give me another challenge :thumbsup:
I'm confident I can make it up to the ancients if I keep careful and patient, but AR problems get worse. I have to come up with a solution to this or I'll be stuck in hell (if I survive Ancients and Baal).


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I have a very nice MP session with my friend yesterday. He has a Blizzard sorceress and wanted to MP through act 4 and 5. I took my Avenger who I didn't played for 4 months (or more) - I parked him right after the hellforge. He had the best gear I had before for month - Guardian Angel, War Traveler, Baranar's star, some very cool rares, Ravenfrost and some fine SC. Resist were 95/92/95/70.
Despite the -140 resistance Conviction, most of the CI creatures in act 4 and 5 stayed immune and I have to kill them on my own (with help of static), so I wasn't only walking aura. My friends sorc was dressed in MF and with negative resistances she died often. In act 5 I died several times too, because of brave tanking or amplify + Sirens or Fire enchanted bosses. We had nice fights with Poison Vipers in Nihlathak chamber, we both died around ten times, the muled nature's peace upped my Presist to 90, but didin't help much. Ancients were fun too, third try was successful.
I enjoyed our dying very much :)

BTW. If you want take a look at MFL thread and give me a vote ;), Thanks


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Apparently I had a dentist appointment today... had to bicycle 5km there in 20 minutes or I'd be late. Damn... and then home again. Had my daily motion now heh.

Played my BF/Hybrid Assassin yesterday and got her to lvl70 :clap: She is now entering Hell. Thanks to DX and LoneWolf for the games. Really fun playing with her at the moment. Maybe worthy of getting to lvl99? I'll see about that.


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One more day of work to go :)

"Voodoo" (Fishymancer) has finished Q5 (The Malus) in Act 1 Hell and hit lvl 76. I ended the game after that so he'll have to re-run all that area into the Jail. Also re-rolled his map so he might end up facing The Smith again (frightfully easy). Came across a Conviction LE Shaman in the Outer Cloister (extra fast, too) but Voodoo managed to hide around a corner while the skellies and merc finished him off. No 'real' danger yet but I think his time is coming close. Countess runs are impossible, took far too long to kill a pack of champion ghosts (berserker ghosts?) but the Pit was quite easy.

As far as Ophelia (Trapper) goes - well she's having a lot of trouble. Holy Shock / Spectral Hit / Cursed LI Ranger boss pack in the Cold Plains one-hit-killed the Merc (or so it seemed, it was that quick) and started on Shadow, so Ophelia ran back to the WP and is now cowering in town. I think this was on /players 1, too...whether her skill / stat set-up is just wrong or the items aren't good enough, I don't know. Aimed for a fairly strong LS / DS and didn't bother with alternate damage (ie. fire or physical) - really hard against LI monsters until that first corpse goes down...She might be relegated to MP if she wants to get further but I'll look at her items and see where she can improve.

I think I am way overdue for a death - if someone has to go, I hope it's my lvl 11 Amazon who bites the dust! :)

-- Michelle
Well it was a fun game last night Nacaa, playing with other crazy Swedes is always fun.

If you are serious with taking her to 99, I voulenteer to help her out.

Haven't played much myself today yet, but I bet I will before the ned of this day :D



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DX-Crawler said:
Well it was a fun game last night Nacaa, playing with other crazy Swedes is always fun.

If you are serious with taking her to 99, I voulenteer to help her out.

Haven't played much myself today yet, but I bet I will before the ned of this day :D

You, me and Wolfie could help eachother out. Alot more fun when not playing alone :)


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Am at work at the moment, fighting to keep my eyes open, it's very, very quiet. Will be off at 16.00 (now 13.40 pm), go to physiotherapist and intend to play tonight.


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After a solo run with my IK Barb, I decided to host a little MP game. Joined by a couple of Paladins, we cruised through various areas of the game on P8 (except WSK3 witches that we bypassed). Great fun it was although drops weren't too special (Sol rune and an ethereal Goldwrap). I was amazed how quickly we mowed things down.

edit: I also update my avatar y'day...
Slepy till like 11:00 this morning its now 11:06 ahd i still have homework to do. a freaking essay on michalanglo and more bio hw/final garrrr no d2 for a couple days


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we'll in a few minutes i'll be heading my way home...

kinda akward for my topic to locked although i really didnt any harm

but i guess it was a nice save by the moderator...the topic is turning to heat dats why i think its for the think

anyways tnx for the info guys...ill surely install my upgrade tonight...wish me luck..

take care,


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Long day...

1.Exams (native Lithuanian today next week ENGLISH)

2.Some beer

3.Some time with my gal

Right now forums maby some d2 later and back to my best friend bed :D


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Played quite a few of my characters today. Chelle (Blizz-sorc) did a few CS runs, then discovered that the OKs there are no less irritating than in the WSK. Dammit. So she's going to beat the snot out of Pindle/WSK until I get her a backup skill staff...

Angelina (LF/CS zon) has gotten through into late Act 2 Hell, reaching the Arcane Sanctuary. After running very very quickly past a bunch of Dune Beasts and an LE Fire Eye :scared:

Spike hasn't been played today as yet, but I did find a fairly nice weapon for him to use (40-something% ED Kris) until he hits the next level (19 = Jade Tan Do).

Finally Wensleydale the Hammerdin finished the Normal Radament quest, and is running Drognan... for sorc staves, not experience :)

Have a good day! :)


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Well I haven't played D2 for a few days since I've been trying to get my HC tourney team together. Still lobbying for that third teammate if anyone is interested :)

Other than that I might play my strafezon or upcoming WW barb to keep my mind off of the tourney.

Have a good day everyone :howdy:
OMG... My HC p hammer sin just killed hell andy.
Battle length: 13 minutes
trips to town: 9
merc resurrections: 7
full rejuvs left: none
Twas a major battle indeed. My merc and I cleared the second room in Cat 4, and half the 3rd room, but then andy woke up and killed my merc before i could get a rejuv on him. I pulled andy away from the remaining monsters into room 2 (with the blood pool) and got my merc back. Then, a unqiue zombie walked in. He was PI and conviction aura. If i repeat what i said at that point, i would get a bannage. My merc deals all physical damage, and i deal 42-56 magic damage. that wasnt going to kill him off. To make things worse, andy wouldnt leave me alone enough to hammer the zombuie back into room 3 (thwe door was blocked anyway, so unless i forced him way back, he'd follow me back into the action)
So, after merc ressurection #4 andy had about 1/3rd life, but with the conviction aura on alot of the time, my merc was dieing in about 2 seconds of being posioned, and my shadow warrior was getting about 3 seconds of action before she needed recasting.
Eventually, mainly on my own, i wore her down, resuruected my merc to deal the final blows, and danced a merry jig.
And to prove that diablo 2 doesnt like the underpowered builds, this is my drop. :rant:
But now i sit in act 2, lvl 72 (near 73), and ever closer to guardian.


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Bob, if I was playing the build you are, on HC, and a PI Zombie with Conviction walked up with Andy, I would probably earn bannages several times over for my language. But anyhow.

Played a little more on my Venomancer, and eventually Patted him. I can say with good gear, you can pretty much walk through the first four acts of Hell easily, and about half of the 5th, but once you hit unbreakable PIs...meh. Ancients was the funniest fight I've ever had. Talic got Extra Fast. You can see where this went. Mad running, WW, Poison Nova, repeat with the occasional LR curse thrown in. I couldn't stop to recast Bone Armor, or anything. It was run, Nova, run, Nova...repeat ad nauseum.

MFed a little more with my Sorc, level 92 now. Got a +2 Ondal's from Baal, and a Razortail from Pindle, as well as my first Medusa's Gaze. Other than that, not many notable happenings. DX, if you guys ever get together to level to 99, I want in as well, too! :D :lol:
Ok well i guess i did get a chance to play today Wuronas The strafer is standing victoriosly atop the summit of mount arreat after destroying the ancients while their were 7 other ghosts of players (p8) unfortunateley these ghosts were not very usefull. now she will decend into the fetid bowels of the mountain to wage fearsome battle with the great demon lord himself...... Baal!!!! onward!!!

EDIT-Victory is Hers Hence forth Wuronas will be known as Slayer Wuronas
Baal dropped a sc of 2-4 cold dmg and +4 to mana