Wednesdaily- Mid Week Madness!


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Wednesdaily- Mid Week Madness!

No daily was created, so I jumped in and took the reigns.

RL: Organizing a big music festival here in Perth, Western Australia.
It will hopefully attract somewhere between 3000-5000 ppl, and include some of australia's biggest & best bands. No bands have been made official yet, but if you google "top australian bands" or something, i'm sure you'll have a vivid idea of what to expect :laugh:

Might get in some of the australian Idols or something too (fingers crossed). The music theme will probably be rock/alternative, with a little bit of dance/metal/jazz/etc. Something for everyone.

However, with the list of bands we have lined up, we are expecting the numbers to rise over 10,000. Might have to keep it at 5000max- depending on the venue- otherwise it will just become uncontrollable.

D2: Lots of Baal runs for me today- still working my way to 99. Just hit cLvl94 with Fich today. Yay


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@psywire. Mobs are good, so is uncotrollable. When Metallica toured in SouthAfrica, they crammed 45 000 ppl into a cricket stadium. Barely enough space to turn around, never mind move (aaah - great fun!!)

RL - Very aptly named daily! Just trying to hang on till Dec15, when all building contractors should stop for the festive season. Up until then it will be non-stop madness all the way. (I'm working for a cabling company and we do the network installations on very tight schedules.)

D2 - Playing 2 druids 1 difficulty apart. Finished act2 NM with my pure fury wolf, and A2 normal with my hunter. Both are progressing fine and hopefully will finish A3 in their respective difficulties 2night.

Have a good one



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Since I've been here reading, might as well post in the daily.

RL: I think today will be the last of our Indian Summer, so I need to clean my car windows and interior before the temperature plummets. If I'm really ambitious and it's not too windy, I might get the rest of the leaves out of the front yard.

D2: Ah, last night I stayed up way too late with Valencia the by-the-book Meteorb, dying to NM Andariel, recovering corpses, and dying again. She's low-50s, all self-found after the re-start, and wearing too much mf with terrible resistances ... and was attempting this at P8 with a rogue merc.

Luckily, she rolled a sweet map to get from Cats 3 to the stairs for next time, but getting down from Cats 2 was touch and go all the way. Naturally, I went the wrong way and got mobbed by two packs with LE/CI bosses in one room, but somehow managed those ... FO was pretty well useless on the entire floor, which I had to full-clear to find the stairs to Cats 3. But then when the stairs to Andy were so close, I figured I might as well just go in and take her out.

All went well in the outer rooms. Then I opened the doors and was immediately charged by some extra-fast-something-else fanatic, ghostly, etc. bull-looking things for the first death. My tele skills are not what they should be; my instinct is to run and smash potion buttons (too many barbs in my earlier D2 days) but that corpse was recovered easily. Got rid of the shamans and their packs in the inner sanctum, had a +2 Meteor orb on switch and was feeling confident. Then Andy came out and nailed me with poison and I died. Went back in with a spare belt, ran around her, thought I clicked on my corpse but died again and found a quiver of bolts in my inventory. Now I had two corpses to recover and no spare belt. Ran around her, recovered one, inventory too full to get all the equipment. Somehow managed to get away, go back to town, store spare belt and got corpse 2 ... and died in the outer room. Evade her, get corpse, try to get a hit in, die again. I think I managed to do this 3 more times before giving up :D She should be Easy with a Meteorb, right? ... but my skills in general are rusty, I'm inexperienced with a sorc, had horrible resists and my spare rejuvs were in the Atma stash ... and was doing all this on P/8.

So, today I'll be looking for some equipment to give me some poison res and practicing teleport.


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Double post ... too late to edit ... but I have to share this. So, I went looking for new armor in NM Stony Field, right? Hoping for something socketable. First some random zombie gave me a Twitchthroe, then something dropped a slightly better Skystrike for my moron ... but the reason I'm double-posting is the excitement of Rakanishu's gift ... a shiny Venom Ward! Never saw one before, didn't know it existed! The perfect armor against Andariel, and three uniques in a single run through a single area! I think I should buy a lottery ticket today.


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RL: Goltar's back to work today, we'll see how long he can last. Meanwhile I'm getting some of the neglected cleaning done while he's out.

D2: I think I have to retract my statment about the singer/golemmancer combo we've been playing, up till now, almost no runes, then last night we found 5 in 2 1/2 hours. Not high ones or anything but I cube 'em up till they're worht while.


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*crashes in to a tree* who grabed my reigns

@Psywire loud music+big crowd=uncrolable choas=the best time of your life

rl:today was a bad day till last lesson i only got an hours sleep so iv bin struggling to stay awake in lessons all day, in last lesson we were recaping easy work so i took a power nap (Read 20 min sleep) and now im wide awake again.

d2:played a litle on my furywolf and sword madien but both are strugling for a hurty wepon


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Hey all!

RL: Too blah today to do any packing, so I'll try to get some done tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will stop being so grey!

D2: About an hour or so ago, Thena became my first Zon Champion. I've never had such easy rolls in the WSK as far as monsters go, Baal's minions were cake, and Baal himself collapsed through a wall, causing me (yet again) to be unable to enter the portal. Ancients did give me slight difficulty as I don't really have a powerful single monster attack (just LF, CS, PJ). I'm thinking once I get PoisJav maxed, I'll start working on either Jab or Power Strike for small single monsters, because packs (LF) and large sized monsters (CS) are cake.

Ramble on!


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RL: Had one hell of a mixed up day today... Got sick in second period and ended up getting out of school early. Slept for seven hours straight. Then i woke up at 5 ate and realized i still had to finish the 100 point English project thats due for tomorrow. So i just finished the project and cant fall asleep because i already slept for seven hours. Got 5 hours until i got to get up for school and am going crazy...

D2: Nothing... Hope i have some time tomorrow to play for awhile.