Weapon Switch for hammerdin?


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Weapon Switch for hammerdin?

Okay, so I finally got a vex rune to make my HotO with and now I'm wondering what to go for next on the weapon switch. CtA makes sense. I like the extra skill and the life and mana bonuses you can get with it and I see that it has a pretty decent damage bonus as well. I wouldn't mind being able to chase down those pesky oblivion knights by charging them with a decent damage weapon especially when I'm Decreped (but when I'm NOT IMed). I guess my question is will I actually be able to hit them since it doesn't have ITD and will the damage be anything significant to warrant putting CtA in a zerker axe, or should I just stick to putting CtA in a crystal sword or something like that for the other bonuses. Or maybe something else all together. I don't plan on charging a lot and it will probably be a long time before I could afford a BotD zerker or some other godly. What do you guys use?


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If mf go to

dracoy.1colony.com current projects u can kinda use that build to follow with

if pvm

ondals staff for more exp when baaling or cta

if pvp

Id use cta


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Id rather use botd berzerker axe. The eth in it makes hitting things easier and the 30 stats are nice too. And of course the damage ain't bad :lol: