weapon speed question


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weapon speed question

im trying to make an avenger using griswolds set. in fact i have everything i need but a pally torch(ran the ubers about 10 times so far with no luck and im really getting tired of killing nihtalak, but thats beside the point). while planning my char im figuring all the usual things fbr,fhr, and fpa.

its fpa thats giving me problems. if i fill up the weapon with ed%/ias jewels ill end up with 100 ias on the weapon. now using the german calculator i come up with a total of 109% ias(cumulative from on and off weapon ias) to reach 8fpa which means i only need 9ias more to max.

i was pretty happy with this and i wanted to figure what my damage/swing/frame would be running so i open up kerygmas weapon damage calculator and put in the relevent information. when i look at my results i find that its listing me at 7fpa and after playing a little i find that 18ias off-weapon will take me to 6fpa.

so which calculator is correct? it seems the german calculator might be a little dated but kerygma's is primarily a damage calculator so im not sure which one is accurate. or is neither correct? is there a better calculator out there?

i really hope kerygma's is correct because 6fpa would be sweet:azn: