weapon mastery


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weapon mastery

I am in the midst of creating a Iron Barb. I am currently in Act 5 nightmare at level 60 and have maxed every major skill I need except for my weapon mastery. I currently have an Aldur's Rhythm jagged star which I am doing 500-700 damage with right now.

My question is should I dive into mace mastery or should i wait and possibly find a better item?

The Aldur's Rhythm has some pretty nice stats

10 percent life steal
5 percent mana steal
+5 strength
+10 dex
+ 20 percent enhanced damage

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i say get a BStar (which is relatively cheap) and go with mace mastery. If you dont already have a sword set up for him, it might be hard to get one now.. so i say stick with the mace mastery.


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I think you'll find that in hell, Aldur's Rhythm just doesnt cut it damage wise. Since it seems you are playing untwinked from the way you talked, a better item that you find might turn out to be a mace, or it might not, so in the end its really your call of what type of weapon you think is easiest for you to get, or that you enjoy using more. If you are using a main attack that has a synergy (ie. Conc) you might want to put points into it to be still boosting your damage but seeing about your final weapon. I can personally tell you though that 700 damage definately will seem too low even in the very beginings of act 1. Also you can always save your points, placing them in the appropriate master should you find a better weapon.


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I would definately wait before you decide on a mastery, as you will undoubtedly find a better weapon than that. Of course, if you just like maces and want to stay in that field in general, you can pump it, get the bonus with the current weapon, and then just wait until you find a better mace later. Mosy of the good maces are two-handed and slow though, so I dunno...



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Aldurs is nice in NM, in hell it doesn't cut it (already been covered). I agree with the Bstar or even trying to find a good rare (1.10 rares out do some of the nice uniques). A good step from there would be to find a Schaffers.

Decent swords are still hard to come by. Even with the number of BOTD that people are spamming. You can't find a cheap doombringer, grandfather or silence .


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Thanks for the help guys. Currently I am following Halciet's guide for an conc barb. I have maxed my shout, conc, BO, have a point in BC, iron skin, natural resist, and find potion. I'm at level 62 with the following equipment.

aldur's rhytm
boneflesh platemail socketed with a perfect ruby
rare ammy
2 rare rings
sanders taboo gloves
rsanders riprap boots
ancients pladge socketed tower sheild
death wrap sash (for the cannot be frozen attribute)

I just tried the Ancients in nightmare last night and got by butt kicked. Guess i got unlicky with their spawned attributes. Any further advice is appreciated


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I'd say go for axe if being able to get a weapon isn't an issue. Personally, I think mace is probably one of the worst weapons for a shield barb, due to the lack of a good endgame weapon.


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aldurs is a nice weapon for the lower levels, but not for hell.

so aldurs cannot be a reason to get mace mastery.

you can however go for mace mastery anyway. there are good maces to be used later. as already mentioned, Bstar and IK maul.
If you are "unfortunate" enough to find for example a grandfather instead, i think it shouldnt be too hard to trade it for a mace.


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I thought that maul's were two handed weapons? I am following Hal's guide to the T. Although I know I need a better weapon and sheild. I've been finding alot of rares lately but really haven't found one that's better than what I have. Rare sheilds have been hard to come by. I'm might try some blood combo's.

I tried the Ancients again last night and beat them pretty easily. Quite the opposite from my first encounter which ended after a 3 hit kill. Maybe they cast IM on me. Live and learn I guess.

What are the best places to run for nice items?