weapon mastery sucks?


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weapon mastery sucks?

My berserk barb was to use a stormlash one day so mace mastery was to be maxed. Now I haven't found that end game weapon yet, so I'd been saving my last skill points to max Mace Mastery until I got it.

For now, I've been using a crappy doombringer but i figured, one day, i'll get a stormlash, so I might as well just go ahead and put those points in mace mastery now instead of waiting.

well, i used nord's tenderizer as a test to see the difference in damage before and after putting points in mace mastery

i know nords has a lot of cold damage, but the physical damage on it is just slightly worse than the doombringer one handed.

I had 13 points saved, and +5 from skills/Battle Command so it took me to level 18 Mace Mastery

the before damage: 2502 - 3334
the after damage: 2662 - 3532
increase: 160 - 198

Can someone please explain to me how Level 18 Mastery (+113% Damage) equates to a damage increase of 160 - 198!?!!!?!?!?!

I really hope I'm being stupid and I missed something. I'm not saying I wouldn't have put the points there. I still get the AR and Critical Strike.....


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is your nord tenderiser damage range ~142-175?

if it is, do i really need to say anything more?
cf. my ebotd barb adds over 1.5k with lvl 27 mastery


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the mastery is added into your current skill
so the 113% damage is added into say your concentrate which is to lets say a lv 25 whirlwind, so thats 142% damage
add it up thats 255% ed total
add in lets say fortitude:300 more
555 ed

get it? mastery doesnt multiply on you you have, it adds into to it.
yes you wished it was 113 X 142 X 300 huh?
face the facts is actualy 113+142+300

some correct me if im wrong


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you are not wrong you are correct.

still if the weapon is 152 max damage and he said it was 113% enhanced.

152*113%= 202.16

this does not include other options such as skills lvl and ed.

so you are right lets say

113 (MM)+ 142 (SM) 300( other)= 555ed which would be

995.6 now this is a rough estimate. ( we don't know what equipment you are using)

i have a maul barb max mace, max con, max ww, with ebotd thunder maul, with nigma and gore riders.

my concentration damage is 9.2k and my max is 11k
my ww damage is max like 8.8k

it all is dependant on the min/max of the weapon you are using and skill lvls.

weapon mastery is just a bonus to your damage. the larger the damage of the weapon and skill the bigger bonus you get from the mastery.

as such my ebotdtm is like 295 to 1125k. those are large number compared to 152 max.


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I'm using Arreats, Fort, Thundergods, Gores, Nature's Peace that is worth mentioning - rest isn't great. Have torch and anni

Incidentally, shortly after posting that, I did acquire a Stormlash :)

Is it common to max Mastery, or do a lot of people just put 1 point in it?


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Every1 maxes mastery lol
Somebody already mentioned Bowbarbs. Singers don't max Mastery, either. Also, if I'm building a Barb with a high level of Battle Cry, I'll skimp on Mastery, too (since the AR isn't necessary).

Weapon mastery has built in critical strike, that is way too much to ignore
Agreed. 21% Critical Strike from maxed mastery is like taking your final physical damage and multiplying it by 1.21. If you're dealing 2,000 average physical damage per hit, with 21% CS you'll be dealing 2420.



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the biggest build mistake AGAIN - you must have the gear you plan to use BEFORE you do anything - If you dont have ALL your Future gear hiding in your stash when you make a new char. your already behind in a build.


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That sounds very clever, but sometimes, you have to start from scratch without any gear, as I did since I'd been away from the game for 18+ months and all my characters/mules had expired. No one plans like slam plans..... :)

Stop following me around in my threads DarkElmo :laugh: