Weapon for PVMzealot if you can´t afford expensive RWs ifr


Weapon for PVMzealot if you can´t afford expensive RWs

as topic, what wold be the best weapon if i can´t afford grief, ebotdz or the other expensive ones, I´m using azure right now.



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Well depending on your budget these could be options with highest rune/cost in brackets:

1) Oath in ethereal elite weapon (mal)
2) Crescent Moon in elite weapon (um)
3) Upgraded 190ed+ Butcher's Pupil Small Crescent (pul)
4) Non eth Stormlash Scourge (?)
5) Heaven's light Mighty Scepter (?)
6) Schaffer's Hammer (pul-um?) <--- Golden oldie :p

Cheers :D


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7) Upgraded Headstriker (Pul)
8) Nord's Tenderizer (pgems)
9) eth Demonlimb (pgems)
10) eth Zod'ed Razor's Edge (pgems)


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LMy Favorites:
1) Lightsabre (Pgems)
2) Crescent Moon (Um)
3) Eth Oath (mal)

I got a LS I'll give you if you're on USEast Ladder. Just track me down. Oh yeah, and Azurewrath is pretty nice.


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stormlash is mighty expensive. Lowest price i've seen is gul.

I like azurewrath and heaven's light.


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thegiantturtle said:
10) eth Zod'ed Razor's Edge (pgems)
Odd, I see these going for a LOT more than PGems, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Can't forget, somebody spent a Zod in it.

Stormlashes aren't bad where I play, Pul-Ist or so.

I would advise getting an Ethereal Oath weapon and strapping on Marrowwalks. You'll be shooting out 1k+ Bone Spirits.


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Another good & cheap zealot weap is the Frostwind sword, which goes for pgems....My zealot took DClone down in 45 seconds with one of those & the standard (cheap) DClone gear...


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here are some calcs for a zealot weapon. Choose one of these weapons and see what suits you the most. Stormlash is my choice (MAL-IST)


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i just ran a zeal/charger through. i tested nord's, demon limb, and lightsaber, and lightsaber was the best, even against pi's. it seemed to do as much as a regular hit. very easy to get to 4fps too, and helped a lot vs lightning.

i also made a ton or cheap cruels with the chip recipie.


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Well i just make a 'Passion' Cryptic Sword/Zerker (lem/beserk) + Spirit in prismatic Kurast (+skill/resists/style points) on switch for those PI/Iron maiden moments in PvM :p