weapon for frenzy?


weapon for frenzy?

Hmm, what weapon should i use for a frenzy barb?,
This is my other gear,
Golem whyrm armor
and bk 3
cats eye
Gorerider 195%,
2x wc skiller 2x combat barb skiller,

I got a problem, i dont know what weapon i should use, i thinking about
oath and rune axe 5x socks 4x shaels , 1x 5 all resis , 8 max , 45 fire damage
or i take the little more expensive, i guess i need to sell some items in other chars then, expensive= Botd ba 415%, and rune axe,
im 100% SURE that i gonna use rune axe, then someppl think WHY?, i gonna tell u why. I sock it with 4x shael and all resis max damage fire damage jewel,
4x20= 80 ias, will give me nice frames.. AND Y i know that botd ba is better but i only want to know if its worth to BUY a botd for frenzy,


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newerest said:
Grief+Beast. Best frenzy combo IMO
Grief + Beast are optimal...downside it will cost you above 600 k to repair the weapons when they have reached 0 durability...of course you can run around with orts in your stash!

IMO it is anoying to repair the weapons all the time...GO for dual BOTD and you dont have to worry about repaircosts...and for PvM BOTD is more than enough! Suggestions is based on elite gear ofc ...budget version are dual OATH balrog blades if u go for swords...



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not 600k, more like 30-40k for both unless they are superior. I have this combo and its fine to whirl with in pvm, u only need to sell 1-2 exceptional armor every time u go to town.