Weapon for charge-lock-combo?


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Weapon for charge-lock-combo?

When playing as a charger it's often very powerful to get the opportunity to followup your charge with another charge... and another charge... and another... Until the enemy is dead.

I've seen recommendations for both long range weapons and short range weapons, can someone clear this out? Which of these factors affect and how do they affect your chance to knock back your target enough to charge them again?

possible factors?
Weapon Range, Attack Speed, Attack Rating, Knockback, Run Speed, Faster Hit recovery, Others?

And if attack speed is a factor, does charge attack at normal attack speed or does it have separate breakpoints?

Thanks in advance.



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with good range (like a war pike) you will be able to hit and kb a melee player before you are in their weapon range. as long as you dont miss a charge, you should be able to take then down without taking a hit (watch out for ww polebarbs)