Weapon choice help


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Weapon choice help

I have a level 86 pally and use a b-star w/a shael in it, and in hell it kills really slow and just doesn't cut it. Recently i found a 202%ed 4 socket griswold weapon, and don't know which one i should use. the 250% ed to the undead on it is not too bad, but i have nothing to put in it but 2 other shael runs and it's allready very fast. I mostly use zeal and sometimes vengeance. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i might be able to put in the griswold weapon to improve it, it surely can't be any worse than a b-star lol.


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hmmmmmm it's a hard choice due to u being a hybrid type pally i guess u could say.
u should stick to one type of paladin such as a zealot (uses zeal and fanat aura) or a avenger (conviction aura and vengeance to hit)
maybe someone else can help u on this one. All i could tell u is that u should play with one or the other, while not both as u wont end up doing enough dmg.
The Bstar is good or best unique for the avenger type pally while there are many good runewords for zealots.


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i mostly stick to the zealot side of things, and use fanat, i only have a few points into vengeance, i mostly use that for physical immune monsters.
baal's-uncle said:
i mostly stick to the zealot side of things, and use fanat, i only have a few points into vengeance, i mostly use that for physical immune monsters.
With only a few points into Vengeance, you are not exactly a Hybrid.

What is your skill distribution? The usual Zealot is:

- 20 Zeal
- 20 Sacrifice (synergy for Zeal)
- 20 Fanatacism

The rest is entirely up to you.

Baranar's Star is a good option, however it is more suited to dealing with Physical Immune monsters.

What equipment do you use? If you listed your current skill and equipment setups it would be a lot easier to help you.


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holy shield-10
fire cold lightning resist-1

vamp gaze
string of ears
shaft stop
mahim oak curio
war travs
lava gout gloves
dwarf star, manald heal
either b-star or griz weapon

i don't have problems staying alive, just killing things w/any amount of efficiency


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Good fana-zealot weapons, are in order of quality:

Oath 300+%
Death Cleaver

I suggest Gimmershreds for the weapon switch because of its huge elemental damage, so you have better chances against PIs. However, sometimes the successive zeal atacks don't connect and you have to move a little closer to the target for effective zealing. I don't know why and perhaps this happens with all reach 1 weapons.


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That link leads me to the beginning of the section with the new runewords. Grief is a little farther below. So whatever you have to do: scroll around a little and you will find the Grief runeword.


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ArchAngel Tiberrius said:
I am scrolling up and down, up and down. Somehow it feels wrong.
OK, then don't scroll at all, but press Ctrl-F and search for Grief :rolleyes: