Way to Always see Items on Ground?


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Way to Always see Items on Ground?

Is there a legit way to always see the items on the ground w/o having to hold down the alt key?

I seem to remember there was a way but can't seem to find it



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assign alt to an easy to hold button like space . asdf exc and space are probly the best way to play d2.


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How do you intend to move around if half the screen is filled with item labels?


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Sigh, 5 replies and no helpful answer.

Copied from one of my earlier posts; I think it's accurate:

Open your inventory, press alt, open your cube (it has to be in your inventory, not in your stash), release alt, and close your cube/inventory. Now items will always be shown.

You cannot click on chests, doors, WPs, etc while doing this, but you can just press alt to go back to normal, click on whatever, and then redo it. Hitting escape will also cancel it, so if you open a screen (like quests) using a hotkey, close it using the hotkey again or the little close button; if you use escape to close it, you'll have to redo the trick.

You can't click on monsters, either, so this works better for some characters and situations than others (it's especially good for javazons in cows, for example).

This is also helpful to speed up teleporting for sorcs so you don't accidentally click on chests and things (although that's usually short enough you can just hold alt).


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Enable sticky keys and double tap alt - however cannot press esc or see prefix unless you press alt again and then double tap to enable again - For Windows 10 - search (windows key + Type: "Turn on easy access keys") otherwise check Google for sticky keys assistance.


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I changed my hotkey set up to
Skills: asdfqwer
See items: Space Bar
Run/Walk: X
Weapon Switch: V
Quest Log: L
Character Skill Screen: K

It made the game sooooooooooo much easier to manage and play more efficiently, once I got used to the new set up. I mean it literally makes you twice as good by using that set up compared to the original F1 F2 alt crap. You can switch through skills and check for items without hardly noticing because of how smooth and easy it is with your left hand not having to ever move.


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Found a solution, this had been bugging me on lower kurast runs for a while.

The autokeyboard software there enables u to hold a specific key, basically enabling/disabling it.
Since just locking it will lead you to not being able to use waypoints etc.

I put numlock 3 as my "show item" and in the program I set "F" as the key to enable hold.

Works perfect when you get used to it:)