Waves to everyone!


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Waves to everyone!

Hi all,

Thought I would just pop my head in to say Hi to all the old posters who still remember who I am, and the new folks who just keep arriving.

I do pop my head in here every now and then, but I'm pretty much just a lurker compared to my glory days.

The arrival of World of Warcraft coincided with the completion of my 15 month 7-level-99-characters-in-1.09 project, and since then that game has become just as much an obssession as Diablo ever was. If you're trying to reduce your Blizzard game addiction I don't recommend purchasing it. :)

My warlock is inching ever closer to 60 (just 4 levels to go now), and I have a level 34 priest following quickly behind. I've been very restrained creating characters compared to my D2 days. :)

I'm in a small guild of other former SP Diablo players (MattIs, Terrorphile, Crashace, Chase Encode, Sigilstun for those with good memories), and we've added some good players from the general server population. We're cooperating with another small guild which has opened up more content for both of us.

In real life, I managed to get myself a girlfriend which is a new and interesting experience. And a car too! (After doing without one for almost 7 years). My roommate moved out, so I'm enjoying a few months of having the apartment to myself. Have been doing battle with Ikea furniture as I slowly replace the stuff she took with her.

Hope life is treating you all well. To the "Road to 99" poeple - keep on slogging. To the hardcore tourney participants - may you live long enough to retell your own deeds of valor. And to the treasure hunters - may your drops be filled with green and gold shiny things. :D



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A girlfriend! Now that's a much better achievement than 7 X 99. ;)

Stick around, man. Just cause you're playing WoW doesn't mean you can't post here still. We're not exclusive. Well, not that exclusive.


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:D i gave you my SOJ. then you left *cries*

Whomie is right. drop in more often and have a beer over at the EMB.
*shakes fist* do it!


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Hey Ice,

My wife's sister & boyfriend play that game and so do a bunch of my old mates from grad school. I'm gonna stick to Sacred/Underworld (I still don't know if my buddy in England is hooking me up with the expansion).

Have fun fishing...(I heard you fish in that game...strange).


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Good to see you popping in ... we still remember you of course, well at least I do anyways.

Congrats on the girlfriend!

You should post her ATMA readout. :thumbsup:

You see, i'm married with 3 kids ... my ATMA readout says that i'm short on gold. Too bad the Bank of ATMA doesn't carry over to real life.

Disco-neck Ted

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All right Chris! Gg on the girlfriend status. Was wondering just the other day where you'd gotten off to.

Glad to hear you are having loads of fun in WoW. Heard from a number of people who think it is the ultmate... others who tried it and then wound up back in the D2 pool once again.

As always, have fun!



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Hello there Icebird, nice to see you here again. Now, be good and just stay, will you? ;)


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*pokes Ice with a pointy stick*

Go back in your WoW hole and stay there!

*pokes with the stick again*


*pokes some more*



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Hi Chris :wave:

Thanks for stopping by. A girlfriend eh? No doubt a game player OR a very understanding woman!

Take care my friend. :)


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Heya Icebird! I sure as hell remember you :) Please stay around mroe in the future.

Nice guild there! I remember those aswell. To bad they aren't around anymore.


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they always return :D, there is no other game as Diablo II :D.

Now delete all the games erase your GirlFriend and return to the Diablo :p


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who are you;) something tell me that more people around here know who you ar then me:p

nice update though