*Waves goodbye*


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*Waves goodbye*

Dear Forummersersers,

It was fun, but now I have to go. Between real life, alphatesting Guild Wars (www.guildwars.com, it will pwn WoW) and painting my brand-new WH40K army (Tau, aka "by-the-time-I-am-done-shooting-even-the-cleaning-lady-wont-find-your-remains-anymore"), not to mention wedding planning and spending time with my fiancee there won't be much time left for reading the forum. I've been kinda absent lately (at least for my usual posting habits) and I've also lost the drive to play Diablo II. I always thought that 1.10 would kill my playing habits, and after a brief but bloody reign on the ladder, it did. 1.09 was my "game", 1.10 is a messy affair where the atmosphere in act 5 is totally destroyed (Quill rats in the foothills, BOOOOO!)

So, in other words, DII will soon get de-installed, my characters will most likely suicide themselves on Deletion Day, and the pixels will fade away. I might on occasion hop in again on the forums here, but its unlikely I'll join the OT as several guild wars forums keep me rather busy (rpgstars for example, where SonofRah is moderating).

It was a good run, and I had lots of fun. *waves*



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I didnt know you on a personal level but I can say Ive enjoyed reading some of your posts . I too yearn for the day that Diablo 2 will release me from its evil claws and I can fade off into the night . Good luck on future endeavors and Fare Thee Well !!!



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Bye bye, it was fun reading, but you know, its a game, and real life is NOT.
Greetings to your (almost)wife, i hope she accepts compu game addicts more than mine!


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Bye bye to you and good luck with real life :hanky:

Yes, what DarkSide said - and take care. One thing is for certain: I hear a breath of relief right now from the people who were cowering from the bear that used to prowl the realms.

So sad...another of the great players stepping down :hanky:

All the best



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Thx for your time here at forum :)

Had a quick look at Guildwars and I have to say it looks very impressive and interesting. Will check our rpgstars when I get time...

Due to be released the second half of 2004, so maybe mid 2005 then :lol:

Might be the successor to Diablo2 for me too, you never know ;)

Enjoy life /Magnus


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I will miss your ides on the pvp/pk-front. Some ppl will maybe be happy that you not messing on the realm anymore but with so many lame tactics out there it hurts to lose a good one. Good luck with the girl and hope you get a nice time with the other stuff you do.



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goodluck :) and congrats on being engaged ( yeah i dont know you hehe )

what size is your tau army? :) hope its not over like 2k points or you'll be painting forever lol :)

gl with everything :)


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goodbye Stefan

finally i do u the favored honor to use Stefan instead of baranor :)

i agree 1.09 was cool but a bit too easy. 1.10 is crap but a bit harder and we cant mix them both up... a pitty. the fresh start from scratch is still enjoyable but soon i reach the peak of items which volu already topped ;)

its strange that i already think about pvp again after the addicting 1.09 streak.
it was really fun hunting together in the few runs we shared.
i am happy that u lost motivation in d2 simply because we all know how addicting the game is.

good luck Stefan



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Heya Barry,

I'm sorry to see you go. You made a lot of interessting posts and the few times i met you in the game i felt you are a nice guy. :)

Hope you enjoy your real life with your wife even more then your old diablo2 life. hehehe :D

Good luck and take care!


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Goodbye Stefan, it was a pleasure to have you posting with us here on our hardcore forum, you will be missed.
Good luck to you in whatever you do in the future, all the best!



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Sad to see you go, Mr. Bear. Maybe we'll run into each other in that one thing you mentioned (gotta send in my NDA). Man, I'm lazy.


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Take care Stefan / Baranor,

Good luck w/ your future endeavors... I myself have been married for a little over 4 years. So it is a juggling act...

Enjoy your time w/ Guildwars.... Maybe I'll check it out...

Will miss all your guides.....



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Aaaah Stefan... I fear I'm not far behind you...

You'll be missed.

cheers bear.


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Goodbye and cu soon ;)

We had lots of fun, but I understand you quit with the lefthand work done by blizzard, and without interest in a game, this forum is probably not very interesting in the long run either.

I am sure you would catch up on me itemwise jedi, but I am saving strenght for the next ladder season :)


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Good choice. D2 is definitely getting old, and now that every single noob out there is using Chicken again in the pubbies (thanks Haxxors, ruin my fun) PKing is just not fun anymore.

Nice knowing ya, and your info was always spot on good info. Good luck!

The Highlander


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Though we never met in-game, I've enjoyed reading your posts Baranor. You will be missed, though I doubt with your busy schedule you'll be missing us. ;)

Take care, congrats on your upcoming wedding and may life bring you all the unique items you didn't find in game! :D


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been a pleasure having you here Stefan, good luck with everything.

Hey, where's that LLD guide? :)