waterwalks or wartravs? titan build for pvp


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waterwalks or wartravs? titan build for pvp

i'll list my gear and stats. hopefully u guys can help me decide. this is for ladder dueling btw. mostly bvb and zealots/smiters

ww baba btw

arreat's socket ed/str jewel
412ed eth botd zerker
eth zod'd valor
ss socket ed/str jewel
perf verdungo
54/20 steelrends
bk ring
248/20 rfrost
boots- help me decide

my charms are mastery with life and hopefully, a 20/20 anni charm

so total my vita will be at lvl 90:
25+40+45+20 = 130 with lots of + life gear

now should i go with wartravs for the dmg/str/vita?

or waterwalks for the dex/life

i'm leaning towards the wt for the huge dmg it adds...


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coldarmy13 said:
so total my vita will be at lvl 90:
25+40+45+20 = 130 with lots of + life gear
Please tell me this is not your total vitality you plan on having.


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m1rage said:
Please tell me this is not your total vitality you plan on having.
actually it is. i might put 50 into vita, but i doubt it. with bo, i should have a decent amout of life, and my dmg should be prettty high
take travs over waterwalk anytime

waterwalk add 10 vita = 40 life on barb, waterwalk do at max 25 life more.

the dmg added is simply to much to leave on the ground.

BUT, you might wanna thing gore riders... since they won't add dmg or anything (at least not directly) but all the % to deathly strinke etc might gove you more overall dmg.


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Carnage-DVS said:
If you don't know the answer to this question...why are you even bothering to duel?
my first pvp barb. i am renown throught the west realm as a top zealot/werewolf/werebear duelist. just wondering is all. i think wartravs will win tho.


a titan barb in PvP looks good on paper but they have a big weakness. They can't take it.

You should win vs more pallys but barbs with S/S setup and huge life would win vs this set-up :/.

If you can have at least 3k life, you should be okay.


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a titan will be fragile in bvb due to the way leech works now. with the new pvp penalty u hardly leech as much as u did in 1.09
imo get the str u need for ur sword and enough dex for max block with items and use the rest of the stats in vita. try aim for 4k hp if u have decent charms/use enigma or whatever to boost str. If u really want to get damage, then socket items with ed/str jewels or 25+ max dam jewels, get as much defense as possible,

skills should be something like this
20 mastery
20 ww
20 BO
20 Shout
1 natural res(for poison users in hell, otherwise ditch it)
1 inc speed(more manueverability, enables u to dodge ppls ww´s)
the rest goes into iron skin. try aim for 18k+defense

with a botd u will have nice damage even tho u are going vita build, the str only bvber of 1.09 is jus too risky imo, u wont leech as much as u did, the damage reduce cap has been altered and u jus wont have enough Ar/life to be able to exchange ww´s if u go all out str. use a raven frost and a nice leecher ring with ar/str/dex/min/max dam
war travs is a good choice, so are the new sandstorm trek(ethereal if possible)
u might wanna try gore riders due to the crit strike mastery bug being fixed.
hope this helps


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well since i need max blocking i'll have at least 15k ar. i also managed to get some fine sc's of vita and mastery gc's of vita too. my def should be close to 33k, and my life with titan build should be close to 2.5k i think i can push it to 3k if i dump some into vita, but my main str will be my dmg. i have a friend with a similar build, only he balanced between vita/str, and 20 str added up to over 300 dmg somehow. so i mean 20 str...lol. if i go all out str i should hit really high dmg. just ar/mana/life remains to look out for. btw sorry for that typo earlier, i was in a rush. it should be throughout. anyway if it fails, i'll just remake. it only takes me about a day to reach 80 anyhow.


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im surprised for a person with those good good items, ur having a hard time deciding waterwalks or wartravs...

wartravs gives vit , str, and dmg...


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o btw, my melee bear which is top 3 in melee duels on ladder west uses perf upgraded water walks. they add over 500 life.


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coldarmy13 said:
20 str added up to over 300 dmg somehow
Are you sure he was telling the truth and/or using a one handed weapon? Because I mean, feasibly, with a 500 damage BotD weapon or such, 20 str should only add 100 damage...if he had a full inventory of 3/xx/xx charms to boot, that would be another 24 damage, so I'm not seeing how 20 str would add 300 damage. I'm still basing these calculations on the idea that 1 str = 1% dmg, of course.

Vit is just better in general now though; with leech nerfed and so many defense ignoring enemies like Hammerdins and Smiters, you need a big pool if you hope to stay in there long enough to get a few hits off =/ 4k+ is usually good, though most of the better duelers are tagging 6k or so.

As for the main issue: walks will definately add more life, and the dex is cool for saving points; however, travs will give you 25 max to capitalize on, 10 str to save stat points, and 40 life from the vit. I'd say they're better dueling boots in general, though Gore Riders beat them both for a whirler (15% deadly, 15% crushing, and that awesome open wounds).