Watch out!

Watch out!

My Jade Talon... Oh... my PERFECT Jade Talon... :'(

I was helping someone do their Hell Hellforge with my assassin... except she sort of sucks against Venom Lords and Maggots since they take forever, and Hephasto spawned extra strong and Lightning Enchanted, so I died a lot...

I died TOO much, actually. So much that I told the guy to wait while I got my trap assassin to finish the job.

And so I did. However, when I log in with my Martial Arts assassin again, there's her body on the ground. So I pick up my body from the floor, and everything is equipped, but when I open my inventory to equip the two claws, only Natalya's Claw is there. My Jade Talon!!! GONE! Buaaaaaaaa!!!!!

What I think happened was, when I died and tried to pick up my body, I accidentally picked up a flail and it got equipped. I reached my body again, and when I tried picking up my stuff, my inventory was full, so I only picked up some stuff (my body was still there though). However, I then died AGAIN, and when I left the game, next time I joined, only ONE of the bodies appeared, making me lose the items left over on the first corpse.

So when you die with all your stuff on, make sure that you don't pick up anything on the way in case you have a full inventory.

At least I'm lucky it was my Jade Talon, not my Natalya.

...But it was perfect!!! Perfect stats! *cries*


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are you sure that there wasn't any thing left in the body? because that has happened to me, except i picked up my body, i got most of the stuff, except the remaining stuff i couldn't hold, was left in the body.... have you checked and made sure that there wasn't a body still on ground?
There probably was a body still on the ground. The thing is, I headed for my body, but as soon as I got it, I died again. I tried one more time and then quit, which is what I think happened.


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There's a bug with it, you can lose your whole equipment if you have 15 body's on the floor.