Wat should my stats be 4 my hammerdin?

pagan master

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Wat should my stats be 4 my hammerdin?

im a new member and i need to know wat my stats should be like for my hammerdin

in need a target thankz


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pagan master said:
im a new member and i need to know wat my stats should be like for my hammerdin

in need a target thankz
Welcome to the forums!

There are a handful of hammerdin guides stickied in the paladin forum. I suggest looking there.

The statistics forum is not really for questions about stat points, it's more about how the game works, how monsters work, what properties mean, etc.... For information about specific characters, it's best to try the specific character forum first.

Good luck!

Evrae Altana

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It's the same setup for almost every other build
-enough strength for gear
-enough dex for max block with Holy Shield
-rest into vita
-none into energy

If you're untwinked, you'll have to put in more str/dex than is optimal, but not that much.


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Quickly, before you vanish to the Paladin sub-forum

Up to 25 Str/Dex (including Barbarians) as base attributes: Ultra Low
25-50 Str/Dex: Very Low
50-100: Low
100-150: Medium
150-200: High
200-225: Very High
225+: Ultra High

Paladins typically have low base strength, just enough to wear things like HoZ, Skullder's and a few points from items to reach the highest Enigma they'd ever consider: archon plate. I'd think 89 would be a good spot, since that's HoZ and ethereal Skullder's is 87, but if you have a Torch and/or Annihilus already, all you'd probably need is a few extra strength charms and bonuses from items to make that without adding a single point to base. That's pretty advanced, though.

Dexterity is important, since it keeps you from getting hit by blocking physical attacks, but doesn't help with anything else. If you're not planning on getting into the middle of monsters to hammer them, choosing to edge away instead, then you may not need much/any of it. Then again, Charge is a complimentary skill for mixed builds, and though IAS isn't important, attack rating is.

Vitality is crucial, while most people favor adding nothing to Energy. It depends whether you play by Blizzard's suggestions or hardcore, survival-at-all-costs. Ending up with exactly 200 Vit/NRG each, including bonuses from items, is Blizzard's way. Nothing added to NRG and everything you can spare into Vit is the consensus on almost every build guide, though. Exceptions include a Barbarian Cryer/Singer (singers are 1.09, but still popular), that needs as much into Vit/NRG as possible (making sure to have at least one point of life more than mana to prevent Blood Mana curses) while only needing Str/Dex to wear things like dual Wizardspikes.