Warhammer Online guild beta:


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Warhammer Online guild beta:

Our guild was accepted into the Warhammer guild beta about 6 months ago. Since that time they have pushed the game out and the beta was postponed.

Originally I only had 12 invites which I could easily fill with the core group I’ve played MMO’s with for years.

Recently, they sent me an email that increased the number of invites I have to 30. Of which I will have 7-10 spares, due to our guild being small.

I’d like to use them up if I can, and thought there might be one or two people here I recognize well enough to give a beta key to when the time comes.

The rules for our guild are simple.
1. You must have a machine capable of running Warhammer online, and no, I won’t do the research as to what that is for you.
2. You must be willing to play within the guidelines of the beta, since our guild’s ability to play in the beta rests on each of the members playing.
3. You must be capable and willing to use voice chat (ventrilo) that I provide, no exceptions.
4. You must be able to put up with old alcohol infused males and their wives, and be willing to hear things you might not want to in said voice chat.

Guild name is “Gang Green†and we’re planning on rolling on Destruction to start. We’re a small guild that will gear each other up for 3-4 times per week Realm vs Realm combat.
We all have real jobs and real schedules, but we will be as competitive as possible and we play to win, but to have fun while doing it.

I’m serious when I say this is for interested parties only, I have years of experience leading guilds in MMO’s and have no problem sorting the chaff out.

I can be reached at:

cad.dad at gmail

I have no idea when the guild beta will start, we’ve been given the run-around for 6 months now, but we are in when they open it up. If you plan to email me, register for the beta first, and be prepared to join our boards to see if it’s a fit for you. I will give the board info in a reply email.


Oh, and hi OTF, bye OTF. :D


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Re: Warhammer Online guild beta:

With the time distance, I'd guess you wouldn't want a Finn. Hatsepsut would be delighted to, I'm sure though. She probably can lurk these forums and get a hold of you somehow.