War cry as main skill


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War cry as main skill

I once played regularly with a softcore barb that used the warcry "War cry" as main skill when Baaling. He kept all the monsters stunned all the time, which made it really nice and safe.
I'm playing hardcore nowadays, and thinking about making a "war cry" barb, but was wondering what other skills there are to use with war cry. I'm planning to make this my main char, and will as such use him for most all-round stuff, like boosting and MFing.
Haven't found any decent guides, but I have to admit I haven't looked very hard. Any advice?


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Using Warcry as a killing skill takes up pretty much all your skillpoints. 80 for WC and synergy, 20 for BO, 1 in find item, natural resist and battle command... or did you mean to use it just for stun effect?


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Hmm think he meant for stun length? Maybe a Concentrate-Warcry barb would fit your purpose? Hal has a nice Concentrate guide stickied - you may want to read that to lay foundations for this build :D Think it'll look something like this:

Max BO
Max Concentrate
Max Weapon Mastery
Max Warcry
Rest Shout
1 zerk (for PI/Iron Maiden)
1 prereqs

I made a bash/stun-warcry for kicks but turned out he's fun. Didn't make him my item runner though as i have establised ones hehe. Warcry synergises stun to add more stun length though and my barb draws laughs from sorcs who think i act like their barb merc :p Shockwave-Maul/Fireclaws bears also make fun partymates and we put small packs almost in constant stun animation hehe. Cheers


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Concentrate-warcry barb... I'll definately give that some thought!

What I was looking for was using warcry for stunning on baalruns, and in general tricky situations, and what I use for killing doesn't really matter if it's warcry itself, or some other skill.

Thanks for the advice!