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Want to play with me? Ive got a Barbarian and he is insane! IP HOST need 1or2 players

Discussion in 'Player Matchup' started by fufner, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. fufner

    fufner IncGamers Member

    Feb 6, 2013
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    Hi guy's,

    37 year old kid here LOL. I just re-installed the game with LODPatch113d and im looking to host an IP game but cant seem to find any players interested. Just tired of playing alone and would like some friends to play with. PM me if your interested. Just bring what you have and we will play at the level you want.

    I can also modify the savegame file of your caracter: Level, Skill points, Money, Armour, Weapons and Waypoints if interested.

    Lets just say my Barbarian is a freakin bulldozer and is the only caracter i have made!!!

    Im also using Vivox C3 so i dont have to type to chat. This is a hands free live chat application. Just registered with my email and downloaded for FREE. Very simple and the good comments ive read were good enough for me to try it out.
    The link:

    Thank you and hope to be hearing from you soon...Take care!

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