Want an account?


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Because 25 is two short of 27 and 25 is just waaaay too many.



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You should give it to me because i try so hard at this game and i deserve a little something...and since you got 25 of them it wouldnt be a bad notion.

Thanks in advance. ;)


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Because you should respect your elders, and I just happen to be 112.


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Because first i will ask you nicely for 1,
Next i will sent small bettles that burrow into your head and make you want to give one to me and eat refried salami with relish and mayo,
Finally if you do not give me one account I will make Dr. Robotnic send his robots to stop your plan of another cold war, but Bush will steal my fame saying it was all his idea, and then be assassinated on 17/837/0989...
You really dont want the president assassinated go you? and over one measly account do you...
I used to go to weddings but old people would always poke me and say, "You next, you next!", now I go to funerals and tell them the same thing. :point:


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Hmm, well, because I just lost about 25 accounts that I never logged into after patch release, and I just need one more to make it 32.

And if I ever choose to run a bot, I need one created by someone else's key, and not mine.

Of course, I'm kidding, I don't want the accounts, but you should watch out here guys.


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I could use the account considering that I am new to Hardocre and any items would help my characters. Everytime I seem to create a mf character, she seems to die before I can get her even past hell. Some of it is my mistakes, but others is due to my lack of items and killing power. Despite what others have said, it is hard to stay alive in Hardcore so the accounts would benefit me greatly. Even though I do mf runs, they seem to yield no results since I don't have the necessary characters to accomplish hell mpeh or even hell andy. I would also someday want to untertake dueling so any help would be appreciated.


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I'll bet you spent a good 5 minutes checking that post making SURE you didnt spell anything wrong, because then you would look really silly right SiP? ;)

As for my age? I didnt SAY I was 112 years old, but I sure meant it! What, you dont belive me? You're no fun.



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Zappa must be getting old. 5 posts before the ban-stick? Sheesh, I remember a day when imposters were banned while trying to type their first letter of their first post..



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*zappa reads quietly in the midst of complete darkness, smoking a joint before hitting the sack*

*zappa clicks a new topic - Hi, I'm new here*

*zappa begins reading...*


"I don't like the letter Hi... Ban"

*3 weeks later, same thing*

*I'm ...*

"Starts with I'm. Egoist. Ban."



"Letter A is ***. Ban."



*Oxy disrespects my modding. Ban.*