want advice Blizz/Firewall build


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want advice Blizz/Firewall build

Hi guys, multiple questions that I'm looking for suggestions on. First off, here's my build currently.

Clvl 77

Lightning Tree:
1 Static
1 Telekenisis
1 Teleport
Fire Tree:
1 Warmth
20 Firewall
1 Fire Mastery
2 Prereqs
Cold Tree:
20 Blizzard
20 Ice Blast
10 Glacial Spike
9 Cold Mastery
2 Prereqs

I think I counted right. I'm wearing full Tal Rasha's set, rhyme, chance, travs, and 2 fcr rings. Blizz damage is 2600 and firewall is 3500.

First question is, where to go from here in skill points? I'm really quite happy with my firewall damage currently so I don't really want to pump fire mastery. So I'm thinking either blizz synergy or cold mastery. With my +skills, CM is currently at slvl17. Would I be better served upping CM beyond -100% resists or pumping synergies?

Second question: this is an MF sorc and I'm not set on my gear. Tal's gives me 50%FCR so I'm wearing the rings to break 63% for safer teleporting. Would I do better swaping magefist for the chancies and wearing nagelrings instead? Or maybe I should pump my strength to wear a spirit shield to get my FCR and some +skills? Any advice would be appreciated.

Third question: it's dumb, I know. My merc uses Obedience.
Does the -resist% on weapons apply to my charachter when the merc is wielding them? I think so, so I should be seeing the damage increase on my firewall?

Final question: using firewall instead of fireball, I really need my merc to stay alive and tank. He's using Obedience, gaze, shaftstop. He dies frequently and only teleport can save him. What gear can I give him to increase his survivability without sacrificing the Obedience?

Thank you to all answers!



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Haven't used Blizzard but I've used Fire Wall. Using FW with only 1pt in mastery is a mistake. That's how it increases damage per second. You need about 10 in mastery. I believe the guide also points that out. Now when you cast Fire Wall remember that placing it to the front or back of the sorceress will make it spawn East-West. Placing it to the left or right of the sorceress will make it spawn North-South. Of course if your sorc is slightly at an angle on the screen and you cast it, it will spawn at an angle as well. It's a great spell. You just have to realize you can't spam it but decide where you want to cast it. As far as your merc, is it Holy Freeze? Anyway, with my style of playing, my merc dies a lot too.


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I'd pump synergies and icebolt in particular, it will boost Blizzard and Iceblast damage. Cold mastery is OK at -100% for most everywhere play, I'd only pump it much higher if you are fighting monsters with high resistances - meph or dclone mainly. Baal might be quite resistant as well.

I'd switch out chance guards for magefists and use some bling rares or SoJ's, I think you'll squeeze more more damage or mana that way (unless you have very nice FCR rings already). Dwarfs can also be nice for the 40 life boost and MDR bonus, makes you very tough against elemental damage. Or maybe a natures peace for monster RIP if you want to try out Nihlathak key-runs.

I'd pitch the obediance. It does not help your fire damage, only your mercs (which will only be about 100 ish when he has a non-synergized enchant casted on him from obediance CtC on kill). Replace it with reapers toll for the CtC decrepify, greater life leech and faster speed. This should go a long way towards keeping him alive. An eth glitched armor (say duress, or stone) with very large defence will probably be better at keeping him alive than shaft. Find nonsocketed eth elite armors, and cube them using the add-socket recipe - hope for 3 sockets for duress. You can make runeword armors with 3K defence and up this way, and very nice resist all, FCR and crushing blow mods too. Another easy way to keep him alive to to splash g-spikes around him to freeze the bad guys, it will also make firewalls easy to target.

If you've invested into dex to block with rhyme, I would not switch shields to spirit - your blocking will be very poor. If you're no-block I would invest the str and switch to spirit, tals + magefist + perf spirit monarch hits 105 FCR and the next breakpoint. Nice for teleporting, not so great for your main damage spells because they're both timered (but iceblast can be spammed faster for greater damage against single targets - iceblast + firewall is a very mean combination for non-CI/FI monsters).

Hope that helps. Reapers would be my #1 priority, then the armor.