Wanna Own A Piece Of Mars? The Moon?

Wanna Own A Piece Of Mars? The Moon?

I saw bits and pieces of this in the past, and finally read more about it today. As funny and weird as this seems, there is something chilling about it:


In a nutshell, there is a supposedly legitimate company claiming ownership of the Moon and Mars, offering tracts of real estate for sale on those fine vacation paradises. While I'm inclined, as most people are, to regard this as a silly joke or yet another money-making con job, there is a disturbing element about it.
How can someone claim ownership to extraterrestrial property? I'm not sure, and though there seem to be laws against government ownership of any property lying beyond planet Earth (yes, believe it or not; read the article) the guy that owns this company has found a legal loophole around it.
I think it's funny that there is actually a committee, or more than one, specializing in space law.
And, it's funny (and sad) that we Earth people actually have come up with a way to claim ownership of places we haven't even visited yet. I mean, at least Cortez visited the places he claimed and established ownership by handily wiping out the indigent population and divesting them of their gold.
I'm sure this will just blow away like many other cultish things have, and yet ... does this mean that some day, if a NASA probe lands on a certain piece of property owned by a private individual or company, there can be grounds for lawsuit based on trespassing?


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heh this is the exact reason that the aliens haven't landed on earth yet, in space they picked up CourtTV, and they are scared of getting arrested for flying without a license, public indecency, satellite piracy (for watching said network), illegal immigration, parking in an illegal zone (not many spaceship parking lots) and because their government is an axis of evil, and is believed to have WMD's


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CaptJoe213 said:
and because their government is an axis of evil, and is believed to have WMD's
They _tell_ us they don't have death rays. But they also said that they didn't exist. Why should we believe them now?