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[W SC L] Looking for a Rush/Grush

Discussion in 'Player Matchup' started by ChaoticRK, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. ChaoticRK

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    [W SC L] Looking for a Rush/Grush

    Hey, I am new to this forum but I have been playing diablo for around 3-4years off and on. I just came back to Diablo 2 and I am starting from scartch. Some of my friends supplied me with some gear for later on. So, I just recently made a Sorc which I will be using mainly for Magic Finding. I am building her as a Orb/Meteor sorc and I have most of my gear assembled for this but, now I just need help leveling. If someone playing on the USWest Ladder who is Softcore and is willing to rush me for my forge or doing it just because they are nice that would really help me return to Diablo on a good note. If you can help me that would be awesome. Thank you.

    PS: A grush would be lovely but I am also fine with any rush. If it speed up my leveling then that is fine with me.

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