W/L/SC Odd runeword bug?


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W/L/SC Odd runeword bug?

Ive had this happen during 3 of my xfers and the most recent one i lost a 411 ebotdz when i was xfering it in some 10 hour trading game with 1 afk guy in it.

I dropped ebotdz runeword, coa( ber ber ), some 20 lifers and 15 dracs from my barb in a really obscure place (sewers level 1, act 3) and left game.

I guess all of a sudden the noobs and their set masks flooded in and the game was full for like 15 min... i come back and ebotdz is gone, everything else is still there.

Same thing happened when I got a short ( maybe 25 min ) temp restriction and my 3 bo cta ebotdz greifz crap spirit poofed in one of the roofless houses in lost city .. while the 12-14 hrs i dropped along with it were not touched...

Obviously nobody stole it because why wouldn't they take 10 inventory of hrs over a 3 bo cta and crap spirit!?!?!?!?!? O_O

Can someone explain .... is it because the runes are duped because i made the griefs and both ebotdz myself, or do runewords just poof quickly?


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Re: W/L/SC Odd runeword bug?

from AS
Items and Gold Disappear after time when left on the ground
Don't leave items or gold lying on the ground any longer than necessary. Regular items and gold disappear after exactly 10 minutes. Magic items will disappear after 20 minutes. Rare, Set, and Unique items will disappear after lying on the ground for 30 minutes.
runewords are regular items

you could have been close on the times
fyi, barbs only see upto 3 bo on cta (due to oskill limits)
check them on another class to see if it is higher


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Re: W/L/SC Odd runeword bug?

That page is outdated, but hey. Gold lasts indefinitely, and ethereal items last for less time than non-eth versions.

The main point that runewords count the same as white/grey items, and that they poof before magic/set/rare/unique still stands.

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