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As mentioned in the newest podcast and discussed at length in the previous one, here's the vote/survey to see what you guys think of Diablo 3 Set Dungeons in Patch 2.4. Most fans were excited, or at least curious about Set Dungeons before Patch 2.4, but now that we're able to run them live in the patch and in Season 5... most players seem fairly negative about the feature.

From what I mostly hear in clan chat and see in forum posts (and heard on the recent podcasts) a majority of players find Set Dungeons more annoying or frustrating than fun, and the requirement that we do all 4 of them for 2 different classes to earn one of the Season Conquests is a much-lamented fact. Does everyone really hate them, though? Or is this like most things on the Internet, where it's the complaints that are heard most loudly. Maybe some/most of you guys actually sort of like the Set Dungeons? Let's vote and get some community consensus:

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Conveniently, this morning Blizzard posted a blog about how Set Dungeons were created and designed. The article talks about how recently and quickly the feature was created, why they allow multiplayer, and why there are no Set Dungeon leaderboards. A quote:

We hope that Set Dungeons provide a refreshing new challenge in Diablo III. They may not be for everyone, and that’s okay. Divisive content can be good for the long-term health of any game, ensuring that there really is something for everyone. Set Dungeons are meant to be tough and deviate from the traditional slay-and-loot gameplay. Are they too tough? Perhaps for some, but you’re not alone in the struggle! Even our designers feel the pressure.

“The irony is that there are several that I can’t master on live, so maybe I’m not the best to give advice!” laughs Alex. However, he does have a few tips. “The number one tip is to check your corners. Don’t blast through everything expecting to win. There’s a certain playstyle that works in each, so pay close attention to them.” Attention to detail is important, especially if you’re looking to master each set.

Finally, if you’ve conquered every Set Dungeon, don’t forget to congratulate yourself! That’s no small feat. “If you see someone running around with those beautiful green wings, bow down at their feet! They have mad skills . . . no matter which way they chose to tackle the challenge.” [source][/source]

If you want more Set Dungeons, White Locks put together a video in which he ranks all 24 set dungeons from easiest to hardest.

His ranking is largely about the gear required, and thus dungeons that only need the basic six-piece set are ranked above ones that require multiple additional legendary items. He talks a bit about tactics as well, but weights less to the really annoying play style dungeons, which results in some of the most hated -- such as DH's Shadow Mantle set, Monk's Inna's set, and Wizard's Delsere's set -- rated surprisingly far from the worst.

Of course opinions may differ, which is pretty much what this post is about. Your thoughts on Set Dungeons?

White Links' full list:

List with Dungeons:
1.Barbarian - Immortal King
2.Demon Hunter - Natalya
3.Witch Doctor - Arachyr
4.Crusader Seeker of the Light
5.Crusader - Thorns
6.Witch Doctor - Zunimassa
7.Demon Hunter - Marauder
8.Wizard - Tal Rasha
9.Wizard - Firebird
10.Demon Hunter - Shadow
11.Barbarian - Earth
12.Barbarian - Raekor
13.Crusader - Ahkkan
14.Monk - Sunwuko
15.Monk - Thousand Storms
16.Demon Hunter - Unhallowed
17.Wizard - Vyr
18.Crusader - Roland
19.Monk - Inna
20.Witch Doctor - Jade
21.Wizard - Delsere
22.Witch Doctor - Helltooth
23.Monk - Uliana
24.Barbarian - Wrath of the Wastes​
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some dungeons prove to be a reasonable challenge, but it appears some dungeons were last-minute reworked and are quite frustratingly unfair imo


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I only have experience with three of the set dungeons (tried the Shadow's and UE dungeons with my DH and helped a friend with Firebird's by mopping up mobs after he finished the objectives) so I don't want to come down too harshly with only 1/8ths of the possible experience but they definitely don't interest me. Of those three, none of them played like actually using the set does, which would be interesting if there was clearly some other intention, but everything from the way the objectives are laid out to the way Blizzard presented the feature seems to indicate that's what they're for, so they just seem like a waste of time.

As long as they're not shoved down our throats, I see no reason to remove them. If some people enjoy doing them, or if they adjust them in some way, that's cool; I mean having some content that it's completely related to grinding Rifts would be cool, if it didn't seem a complete and total waste of time with no enjoyment or actual reward. Farming keywardens and running bounties aren't particularly fun endeavors, but you get useful and necessary items for doing those things whereas for set dungeons you get <please fill in blank when reward is discovered.>

Maybe if they made them into gimmicky mini-games that didn't pretend to be tethered to reality they'd feel the freedom to make them fun. Or if they actually made them tutorials for how the sets work in practice, they might be interesting. For now, master one of them and then focus on 50 million gold streak, GR45 with no set items and 6 sets at solo GR55 for your three conquests and your set dungeon annoyance should be at a minimum.

Unless you care about the cosmetic stuff, then I guess you're boned.


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Yeah, the lack of meaningful reward is a major problem. The easier set dungeons are fine, I guess, but it all seems rather pointless. Give me a small additional bonus to that set, then it's interesting.


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I don't like the idea of them trying to gain any exclusive content behind set dungeons unless they completely rework them. Giving a bonus to the set makes them mandatory if you use that set, and that seems bad.

I just want there to be literally anything for your time. Think of it this way: bounties kinda suck, but at least you get some mats and could get a leg while working for the caches. If the only thing you got from bounties was the caches they'd be way suckier.

Even if all they did was something like not dying in a set dungeon spawned a resplendent chest by you when the timer ran out and mastering it spawned two, that would help immensely, in my opinion. Yeah it's still basically nothing, but it's not *actually* nothing which currently is what you get. Being able to make it feel like I'm not also wasting my time on top of being frustrated by senseless mechanics would help me tolerate them.


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Set dungeons, with their static layout and different objectives are a very interesting idea, I just think they've been implemented rather poorly.


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I do want those brass wings, so I'll probably work through all of them eventually. But it does seem like there's some spiteful BS false difficulty involved in most of the ones I've tried (worms in Marauder's, black skeletons in the corner of black areas on Shadow) that makes the frustrating instead of actually difficult. Also forcing you to play the set in a crappy way defeats the entire purpose of the dungeons, but I really wouldn't expect Blizz to help people figure the endgame out anyway. Most of their design decisions seem bent on keeping people from understanding mechanics, in fact.


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I hate them. Remove Set Dungeons immediately, if not sooner. Patch is not fast enough-hotfix them out of the game.

I finally mastered one for my stash tab, and I'll never enter another one this season.



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What sucks to me is that time spent balancing set dungeons is time not spent working on the core game. I'd rather the core experience continue to improve that to have a one off (at best) gimmick.

In the name of Zod

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I looooove them, I think they add so MUCH to the game and provide endless hours of enjoyment. We absolutely most definitely need more of this kind of content in the game, it really feels fresh and invigorating. I really am looking forward to more of this kind of work being put into the game. It's truly a touch of genius :p and one of the first things I did the second patch 2.4 came out. I think it would be an absolute disaster to change them in any way shape or form. I am really surprised and amazed to see such a turn around by these guys. Terrific stuff!!! 5/5!!! 10/10!!!


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Exactly what I did as well.
People got use to treat this game so competitive and forgot about pleasure of developing class to specific tasks. Looks like Power means everything to them and solves all theirs troubles in the game.
I don`t have troubles with this game - just came for pleasure and got new content to enjoy.
Great addition Blizzard !


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I'm a pretty casual player...3.5 years in the only character I have using a full set is a Marauder DH, so that's the only set dungeon I've tried. I think the thing I really don't like is that it pushes everyone towards a single play style: "this is how you should play a Marauder DH." My play style was fairly close before, but subtly different based on my choice of supporting skills and equipment. Mainly, my play style doesn't require my DH to be constantly running to avoid melee contact, so in the set dungeon that's the thing that has ruined my mastery every single time. I have 5 sentries, every pet companion (including 3 wolves from Garwulf's cloak) and Rain of Vengeance causing absolute chaos on the screen; so the brief rumble under my feet before a worm pops up is almost unnoticeable...every single time that's killed my trial. That or the teleporting Malachors...Jesus H Stupid.

D3 has embraced "optimal builds" based around the high-level sets, which I think is what killed the magic of the series for me. D2 involved so many crazy ideas for builds that were still fun. D3 is unplayable at higher tiers without templated builds. At least that's my perspective on it.


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