Vote: Diablo 3 Seasonal Ladder Characters are Optional?


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Vote: Diablo 3 Seasonal Ladder Characters are Optional?

Blue post reminding players that seasons are option. You can create and play seasonal characters on the ladders with some or lots or all or none of your play time. Diablo 3 Seasonal Ladder Characters are Optional:

I really want to play ladder, but I really want to have a very good character and continue to upgrade my level 70 wizard.
Tyvalir: You can absolutely play your Seasonal characters and continue to play your non-Seasonal ones on the side. (That's what I'll be doing, too.)

Those who want to stay at the top of the Leaderboards will need to play their Seasonal character(s) regularly, but there's no rule that says you have to play for the entire Season. For instance, you could complete the Conquests and hunt down the Season-exclusive Legendary items you want before switching to play your non-Seasonal characters for the duration.

If you don't play on the ladder, the season-only legendaries will roll into the normal loot pool (ie, your current 70) at the season's conclusion.
Tyvalir: CyberGoat beat me to it (or perhaps bleat me to it)! Seasonal Legendary items will roll over into the non-Seasonal loot pool after the current Season ends. Items, gold, blood shards, crafting materials, Paragon experience, Artisan progression, achievements, and any new recipes or stash tabs earned during the Season will also roll over.

More information can be found here.[source][/source]

Counter this post, most players I've talked to about seasons seem to be thinking all or nothing. Either they're very eager for a fresh start and want to throw themselves into the season and race up the ladders, or at least play them with all of their (limited) gaming time... or they tell me they're not going to play ladder seasonal characters at all, and will just play their current chars.

The issue may turn out to be friends or clannies. If everyone you play with is going to seasons, or staying in normal, then you'll probably want to stay in a group, at least most of the time...

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The results are surprising. If on a serious D3 fansite 32% of people say they won't do seasons, I can only imagine the average playerbase will ignore seasons.

I mean no hate, but D3 is just too shallow for seasons. Everybody finds the 1-70 grind boring...except streamers being paid to play.

Rather than D3, I'm actually very excited for the Path of Exile Rampage league starting August 20. PoE's leveling process is fun because you can find really great items that last for ages, just like Diablo 2. And Rampage has fun new D3-like massacres and combat bonuses it looks like.

So in truth I just want patch 2.1...I care nothing for seasons or ladders since no person with a real life will *ever* be on the leaderboards.


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I put I don't know. I haven't played in months and I just don't know that seasons/greater rifts are enough to come back for. I know there will be some new items in seasons, but there is zero new content. I just don't count greater rifts as new content. Its just a slightly more complex rift that introduces gems. Just another thing you have to grind out. The repetitiveness of this type of game gets to me. (Diablo is still my favorite franchise) There is only so much of it that I can do before it all feels the same and I start to ask "Why am I doing this?"

I love the combat, and have had tons of fun. But I want new content. Doesn't have to be major story lines. Just new bosses and areas/dungeons. Mini stories to expand the Diablo-verse between major story progressions.


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I should also mention this about seasons. I just don't have the time available to compete with teens and streamers and other folks who can get home from work and play for 7-8 hours a day. So the whole "ladder" part is a total non starter. Playing for the items/achievements "might" still be fun.

We'll see. I'm sure I'll give it a whirl but I'm not sure I've recovered from the Diablo burnout that I always achieve.

I still love the community which is why I bother taking the time read this site and to chime in.


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I'll be doing each season once, 1-70, just to get the special transmog. After that, don't care, I'll get the legendary items later. Mostly it gives me a chance to try out new character changes and still get the benefit of being in a season. Kind of. If you consider transmog a benefit. I like to play dress up leave me alone.


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Oh good point. I forgot about the level 70 transmog unlock. I don't even like to play dress up but that is still tempting! ...though to be a bit sort of feels like Blizzard knows leveling up is boring so they offered this as a sort of bribe...

Plenty of people have suggested they make all seasonal characters start at level 70. This would let everybody jump into the real loot hunt from the start. But I understand why Blizzard doesn't do this...doing it would basically be an admission that leveling up is boring.


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For me it kinda depends on how Seasons work. Do I also need to run through all the story again? Or can I jump straight into adventure mode? The Campaign feels like such a slog now. Guess you could rush through on Normal.

Red Alert

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Even with my limited playtime I'm going to play seasons exclusively.
To try and compete in the race to 70 isn't realistic. The fresh start every once in a while and chance to find the new legendaries are enough drive for me.

This is basically how I played D2 ladders so I'm looking forward to it.


I don't know if Blizzard exactly cares if many/any/most/etc play ladders. It's not like they make extra money from seasonal char or something. And unlike D2 where ladders were needed to reset the dupe-filled economy every now and then, that's not an issue in D3. Not dupes and all BoA even if there were.

So maybe that's why a lot of fans aren't really interested in seasons, since they're not really needed? Fun if you want a fresh start, but the only different content is just a few new legendary items.

I don't know if people think Bliz should be offering more promotions to encourage ladder play? But it wouldn't be hard for them to do. Bonus double exp or MF weekend events, make Greed's Domain ladder only, chance of double leg drops, chance for bonus paragon levels instantly, etc. Plenty of ways they could incentivize more people to do ladders, if they wished.

But should they?


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I do not play enough to invest in seasons. I think the main point is loosing the artisans, loosing the parangon points and restart from scratch. What a chore. Sure, for someone who plays a lot, this is minor but, for me, even rerolling a char to 70 takes 10-15 hours and is already quite long. That is with the accumulated parangon points, the artisans available and some money/gems in the bank. Restarting from scratch every few months is not worth when you have not already reached your goal in the actual game.

I could be tempted once to do a season, just for the small challenge of leveling a self-loot HC toon from 0 to 70. Another interest could be to play with friends that are starting the game now and to have a clean slate to play with them. Besides that, I do not see the interest in seasons.


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Blizzard never wanted to ladders in the first place remember. That's why its taking them so long. There were just to many people that wouldn't come back unless they did.

I know i wont be doing ladders.


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D3 seasons aren't really about character level though. And even then no-lifers will always be on top no matter what the goal is.


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I don't think you guys have played/investigated the PTR... While I realize the ladders will be DOMINATED by the Asia/Pac people the legendary gems (and their upgrade) make at least ONE pass through the Ladder system for the base gems is a MUST!!!


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I think from the standpoint that Blizzard has probably invested a lot of time (money) into implementing ladders, I would think they'd have to be disappointed if less than half of the player base gets involved. At least by this pole, almost 60% decidedly less than enthusiastic about seasons...


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"......the legendary gems (and their upgrade) make at least ONE pass through the Ladder system for the base gems is a MUST!!!"

I didn't think legendary gems were ladder only?


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If they really wanted to encourage season play, they should give some kinda reward for season characters rolled over into non-season, like a massive gold/XP burst based on number of achievement points earned.


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I will play season for transmog only. Are there different sets for SC and HC? A new set for each season?