Vote: Diablo 3 Forum Watch: State of Greater Rifts


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Vote: Diablo 3 Forum Watch: State of Greater Rifts

As yesterday's vote has clearly demonstrated that a strong majority of Diablo 3 players really do Hate the Realm of Trials, let's take a look at the related issue. What do you guys think about Greater Rifts?

Wurmer's long-running State of Greater Rifts thread in our Diablo 3 community forum is a good place to see a variety of comments about GRifts, as well as a wide-ranging comparison of everyone's best GR clear times and related comments.

With the leaderboards displayed on it's easy to focus on the very highest GR clears, but that's misleading when considering the average player's experience. Just look at that link; the few top Barbs are over 50, but if you scroll down it changes quickly. There are only about 100 Barbs ever to finish GR40+, with the vast majority of the top 1000 in the mid-30s.

Things should shake up a bit when the current patch goes live, since there are many improvements to monster density and composition in Greater Rifts. On the PTR now you get more variety of monster types on each level of the Grift, and much higher density throughout. Most players who have copied over their accounts enjoy immediate 3-6 level bumps in their best GR time due to the increased monster density, and there are a few new legendary items that can boost performance as well.

So wherever you are on the gear and GRift curve, what do you think of the feature?

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One related question I'd like to survey, and might post a vote on at some point. How much of an outlier is your best GRift time? For instance, if your character can routinely clear GR25, is your best clear like 11 minutes on GR28? Or is your best a 14:58 clear on GR36 since you constantly try to push higher, and one time you got a really lucky spawn with Conduit Pylons?

Personally, my best times are only a level or three higher than the GR I can clear routinely, since I've never really focused on one char and tried to max out their GRift potential. That's partially since my chars on Live are hardcore and that makes pushing higher GRs a dangerous proposition, but even with the softcore chars I'm lately playing on the PTR I don't feel the urge to just do GRs repeatedly, trying to get a lucky run and a better time.

But I'm curious how other players approach that issue, so feel free to share in comments here, or in the State of Greater Rifts forum thread.
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Diabloii.Net Member
if they weren't necessary to upgrade Lgems I'd only do them every once in a while - after a major upgrade or to test a new build. not a fan of blizzard basing entire end-game systems on them.

they are gamey as hell and when I was thinking 'endless dungeon' I had something more immersive in mind then glorified holodec training program.

and yes I actually wouldn't mind higher torment levels, the power creep is getting kinda crazy.

Steven Hazani

Diabloii.Net Member
3 + 4 + 5.

If they were actually rewarding and not STILL RNG based I might actually be fine with them. As is even on the test realms completion times varied as much as SEVEN MINUTES on the same level with the same build and gear. Why? Because Zombie Conduits vs low density low points (low density is rare but still happens, low point value enemies are very common). The Conduit also wasn't on a boss, so it only actually saved about 30-45 seconds and therefore Conduit being effectively deleted doesn't change THAT much.

Typical variation is three minutes, which is still unacceptably high given that if you are anywhere near a high level your times will be 12:01+, therefore you literally succeed or fail based on pure luck.

The one thing the test realms were good for testing is the Conduit Boards after all.


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Pre ROS, Flux interviewd the devs and one of the questions was concerning endless dungeons. I actually think a true endless dungeon would be better for the game than the current trial/grift routine.

Ditch the trials, ditch the keys, and the subsequent hoarding and gaming of that system.

Your rift level would be the highest rift waypoint saved, when you come back to the game you start at that waypoint, your progress is always saved that way.

There would also be no timers needed in this system, this would mean tanks builds would actually have a shot at scoring higher and would be most welcome in a group. The timer system was terrible game design and only furthered the damage meta.

Leader boards would be reset every season/era and all players would start back at level one.

No more gaming the system, no more fishing, no more hoarding keys.

Beyond all that, the game needs to start offering more options besides rifts for players to do, there is nothing wrong with rifts, it's only when they stand alone when it becomes a problem.


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Eh, GRifts are okay, imo. I mean, I don't see them as vastly different from regular Rifts really, which is basically what D3 is all about atm. And if they fixed a lot of the other problems with the game, then I'd probably really enjoy doing GRifts. :p

But ideally I would personally like to see a variety of static rifts introduced each season, with individual leaderboards etc.


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Grifts are meh for me, I'm a casual and not really into the whole leaderboard thing so I'm just looking for the best XP + items reward routes so I can level my paragon and improve my chars. The issue with GRifts is the trial which is just an obstacle to get going. I also wish GRifts would have a 3rd option at the end: Massive XP bonus or some other reward instead of going forward in GRift level or level a leg gem. That way I could just do lvl 25 GRifts to burn my keys, gain XP and be happy (I don't care about pushing it further).

If the Grifts were not timed and you could take your sweet time then maybe I'd push them farther as the XP rewards increase with level.


Diablo: IncGamers Member
I hate trials. But Grifts are fine. The only thing I'd like to see them do is make it so that monsters rolled for loot and IF a legendary came up it would actually drop. It wouldn't be that time consuming to quickly pick up a legendary.

And remove trials.

Then move on and start work on new end game content. Perhaps real endless dungeons. Or a maps system akin to PoE/Torchlight. Or something original.


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I enjoy grift more than regular rift. They seem to go faster (probably because no loot, no chests...) I would like to have a better incentive to improve GR keys when you do not have a high level gem to upgrade. Like:
- even if you upgrade your key, you get one attempt to upgrade a gem
- or save your GR27 gem upgrade possibility for when you really need it. To prevent inventory issue, you could have a counter which, if you level a gem at low level x in GR y, you increase this counter by y-z, z being the higher level where the gem has 100% upgrade chance. When y is high level and your counter has value t, you consume it and get the upgrade chance of GR level y+t up to 100%. This would help having fun with your non main character.


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I thought Grifts is more or less a waste of time, and many just do it to upgrade Lgems, no loots before the end and drops are not better than basic rifts
and no gold along the way. moreover, the timer function in grifts one negagtiv factor once dead and it is impossible to implement and that sometimes you have to look for the Guardians. after upgrading the Lgems I will use to rank 30 -34, I do not want to waste more time on Grifts if there was a massive xp bonus and without a timer function, I believe many more would use Grifts but it looks today leaves people the game and find another, as most will loote and get xp to upgrade para lvls.


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Anyone asking for non-random rifts - no.

That's not what D3 (or TL, or PoE) is. Magic the Gathering players don't start tournaments with stacked decks. Dealing with the randomness is part of that game too. And that includes playing a new game if the randomness screws you. The real problem with competitive GRifts is obviously the warping effect that conduit shrines have. But they've since fixed that and increased the mob density.

Besides if we ever got static rifts then everyone would just make the most efficient build to deal with each static rift and the result would be non-competitive too. Static rifts also have no value for non-competitive play. (Why play them over and over?)

A good example of a static rift is Campaign Mode. Too much of D3 is non-random already. If you want to be competitive on a fixed map then go for Sprinter.


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While I'm not 100% convinced yet that static rifts would work in D3, I think you're giving them an unfair appraisal.

That each static rift would have a particular 'best' build is precisely what would make them 'competitive' (for a given value of competitive), not remove competition. Also, this is already exactly how D3 works - there's already a 'best' build for each class. The 'strategy' is in finding those best builds (think of it as a puzzle game).

Indeed static rifts could help with diversity, since different static rifts may call for different builds - the problem with random rifts is that they require Jack of All Trades builds, designed to cope with anything (there is some strategy to this as well), whereas static rifts would allow for specialised builds.

You are right though that static rifts would probably have little appeal for non-competitive players, but then again so does any ranking system in a game, but that's no argument against a game having a match-making system in it simply because non-competitive people won't use it.


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Once I finished upgrading my legendary gems I never plan to go near a GRift again. I despise timed missions of pretty much any kind, in any game, and this one is no exception. I like to play at my own pace, it's really that simple.


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The numbers don't lie. There has been no shift in IncW's upper leaderboards in months. (I've held the non-seasonal #1 spot for 2+ months and barely play anymore.)

People aren't playing GRs, and most likely, not playing the game.


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Wasn't trying to sound egotistical.

There was a time when competition to get higher times existed in IncW and IncE. However both top spots have been held by the same people with the same times for months now. It pretty obvious many players have fallen off.

More over, the problem with Grifts is still what it has always been: Un-mitigatable, zero counter-play insta-gibs. To my understanding this hasn't been fixed on the PBE at all which means it will once again become the determinate in GRifts -even if at a higher level then now.