Voice of reason for 'rift'sin?


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I've been playing some diablo 2 again and unearthed my old HC hybrid kick/trapsin. I read through a guide for riftsin and it sounded super fun, but I play untwinked and don't have access to a lot of items-- including a rift scepter!

I was wondering: does anyone use Voice of Reason instead of Rift? I notice it has a lower frozen orb level, but it does come with -24% to enemy cold resistance. Would that make up the damage?

Do you think an untwinked Voice Of Reason-sin would be any good?

Thanks for your help everyone! :)


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Hi there! The topic has been extensively discussed here: https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/assasins-rift-vs-vor.837084/

Short summary and main reasons why rift is considered better:

1. It is on attack vs on hit (as VoR is), that means it will trigger even if you miss.
2. The damage mods are better against cold immunes

Pro for Vor is, that Ice Blast makes it a bit safer and it does more damage vs high cold resist monsters. But in Hell they are often CI anyways.

The other mods on VoR look sweet though. I think the build will be viable with VoR, too, but I haven't tried

Good luck and much fun with the sin!

Edit: and you can make VoR in a phase blade, so no need for repairing and better base speed :)


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Ah, I hadn't realised it was "on hit" for Voice of Reason! Good thing I asked. I actually found an Um just today from Countess (thanks sister!) so I am leaning towards a Crescent Moon phase blade. It lacks crushing blow, but the chance to cast static be awesome.

I'd also love to try out Gimmershred... but I've never found one. Hopefully soon :)