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what is the best ratio?

I think 1:1

however i am drinking 3:2 at moment.

some advice please


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MM are you talking orange juice, or like triple sec??, if it's orange juice dear god, your liver must be dying, i do more like 1:5 if its orange juice, other wise it tastes pretty much like only vodka to me, of course after ive drank a few i may ttake it to like 1:3 but thats the most i would do really.


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Vodka, cranberry, grapefruit
All equal quantities. Quite good.

EDIT: But to as for vodka:eek:range, I'd say 2:3 is pretty good.


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I wouldn't go any stronger than 1:2 vodka:eek:range juice. The beauty of watering down your drinks is that you are less dehydrated and get less of a hangover.


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Sokar Rostau

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It depends on what you're drinking.

A Screwdriver is 50/50 vodka and orange juice. That is the only way to make it and the only drink you can properly call a Screwdriver.

A Vodka and orange is usually anywhere from 4-6:1 (basically cordial ratio). In Australia the standard for vodka and orange (or borbon and coke, gin and tonic, pretty much any mixxed drink) is 6:1 which is one standard shot (30ml) in a standard small glass (200ml).

Fruit juice is great at relieving hangovers, the problem with drinking less than a Screwdriver is that the next morning a glass of orange juice tastes exactly the same so you are forced to drink some other juice instead. With a Screwdriver you can taste the alcohol and the morning's orange juice tastes like it should.

soul killer

Why dont just drink Vodka without anything, eat a piece of bread after though, easy to get really stoned without eating somthing.