vital or dex? for a pvp bow zon


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vital or dex? for a pvp bow zon

i was curious in which to put more points in?.. dex for better damage and ar or vital for more life? how much for each.. what are some of your zons life at? and dex?.. any help would be good. i'm new to zons i use paladins mostly. thanks in advance.

- joe


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i haven't dueled in 1.10, but I know in 1.09 I used to do this:

str: for gear
dex: REST
vit: 100
nrg: none

I always made sure to stock up on 20 life sc's, since my dmg was coming from insane dex. i found the lowest req items i could, and man o man did she kill QUICK.

that was in "regulated" play, not pubby.



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Mostly it's something u balance out :) Depends on the gear you'll be using

My lvl 85 pvp zon has 1,5 k life and does 3,5 k dam


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Mine has like 1600-1850 life (depending on gear) and ~2600 displayed GA damage with Windforce.

If I remember correctly, it was like 150 base dex and 270 base vit (gets a lot of life from Harlequin and Verdungo's).

MortIIs is probably using an ED/IAS armor (I use Enigma), and/or his setup has more in dex. That's just a guess, though. You'd have to ask him.

As you've probably guessed, my preference is vit.