Video: Greater Rift 78 Cleared



A couple of impressive gameplay videos today, showing off new stuff in the new patch.

First up is the new world record for Grift clears, with four players taking down GR78. They did it without finding a Conduit Pylon, and with not an easy Guardian either, so congrats on that. And yes, of course it's all Barbs and Monks playing without any real teamwork, other than just hitting the same monsters at the same time. (At least as compared to the precise cooperation required for the highest GRs in the last patch.)

Welcome to Patch 2.3! We're all Monks and Barbs now! Video: Greater Rift 78 Cleared.

Click through if you'd like to see fast forward speed footage of a player rafting 100 Hellfire Amulets for a Demon Hunter. Yes, the video shows just the good ones at the end.
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Without any real teamwork. I guess,you dear article writer still around paragon 50 and have no idea how hard what they are doing,right?


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Well, you ever watch the Seattle Seahawks? They just run around randomly all the time, no coordination.


Luls. I'm not even level 70 yet this season. Had no time to play.

I have no experience in it this season/patch, but the lack of teamwork is a very common complaint by players who are up into the high paragons and already sick of every game being just the same cookie cutter monk and barb builds.

Obviously people who know what they're doing aren't using redundant skills and such, but compared to the sort of precise teamwork and everyone filling a specific roll we saw in the highest 4P GR clears last season, these mob smash fests in S4 are pretty elementary in tactics.


Of course most players found the perma-cc WD, crusader-dragging, slow-ball spamming party play required for top GRs last season to be boring and predictable, so I guess there's always going to be discontent with what's required for the highest level clears.


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Eh. I've been here since D2 and Flux can be hit or miss. But I do really appreciate that, while content here is a little slower than Diablofans, it's not just a shill-fest for streamers and youtube. So, genuine thanks for that.