Video Card Burnout - Replacement Advice Needed!


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Video Card Burnout - Replacement Advice Needed!

Hey all. So my Radeon 9700 Pro decided to die on me in spectacular fashion yesterday, and it's unsalvagable to say the least. I really don't feel like spending extravagantly on a new one, so I'm hoping that someone in the OTF can recommend a decent, slightly higher-end, replacement for cost that's somewhere around the $100 mark.

My problem is that my current PC's motherboard and harddrive are somewhat dated, and I only have a single AGP and PCI slot. I also have no idea as to whether the AGP slot is 4x or 8x, or if that even matters.

Just in case anyone think that this info will help out:

Processor: 2.8 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 1 Gig
Power Supply: Unknown, but I think it's 300 watts

Thanks in advance!