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Viable Hybrid?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by necro1975, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. necro1975

    necro1975 IncGamers Member

    Nov 21, 2003
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    Viable Hybrid?

    Hi I am thinking of starting a new necro @PVM which I will try to level up to 99.
    I will try to explain my plan for him(or maybe i should just go summoner with MF?):

    20 Poison Nova+40 poison synergies(good dmg)
    20 Fire golem(aura does almost 2k dmg in a huge radius+LR)
    Rest Lower resist+prereqs

    Belt: Tal rasha belt
    Gloves: Trang (+poison dmg)
    Boots: Wartraveler (mf)
    Shield: Trang (+poison dmg)/Rhyme shield +3 fire golem
    Arom: Bramble armor (+poison dmg)
    Circlet: +3 poison skill
    Rings: Wisp projector #1
    Ring#2: Soj
    Weapon: Death's web(+poison dmg)/Ali bBABA IST IST
    Amulet: +3 poison skill
    CHARMS: poison skill

    Holy freeze merc with Doom (lvl 2x holy freeze aura) bramble armor(2 thorns auras right?) and Vampiregaze

    and stats will be just enough strenght rest vita maybe some energy.

    Or I could go summoner but I would still use FIre golmem, but would the above build be viable in HEll? I'm thinking it could be very powerful because:
    1)2 thorn auras make thorns lvl 40+
    2)High poison but only complete later :(bad
    3)2 damaging auras hitting constantly in a HUGE radius(which means I can hit monsters a long way and when I see em just poison nova to death ^^

    Should I also use revives? Or should I go SUmmoner MF?

  2. JoJeck

    JoJeck IncGamers Member

    Nov 4, 2003
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    I don't think the auras add together like that. Only one aura of each type can effect you or a minion at any time and it will be the highest level one in range.
  3. Stosh the Overseer

    Stosh the Overseer IncGamers Member

    Jan 27, 2004
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    Well, you should prefer trang's belt to tal's
    Shako would definitely be nicer than a plain circlet +3psn
    Wisp projector is especially good for the spirits ... you already hav spirit of barbs with bramble and can only use one at a time, if you take it for absorb ok.(i'd prefer another soj)
    having a hooly freeze merc with doom is wasting a freez aura better take another (prayer or might), also as thorns won't add, chains of honour would be his best.
    Definitely don't get a fire golem if u go for revives, max skeleton mastery and get summon resists.
    A cheap way to socket gaze is shael, you'll can always put something like ber later on if ur rich enough.
  4. Mad Mantis

    Mad Mantis D2/3 Necromancer & Witch Doctor Moderator

    Jun 24, 2003
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    How did you get a 2k Holy Fire aura?
  5. HarbingersOfSkulls

    HarbingersOfSkulls IncGamers Member

    Jan 21, 2004
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    First thing...put Bramble on merc, since you plan on mfing....get enigma for yourself. Your not losing too much in poison damage anyway without Bramble(I lose a little under 750 myself when I mf)

    Ditch the HF merc if going with doom, get a might merc instead.

    Also, forget revives, takes up way too much mana, and you need that to use you Death's Web. Instead...go with Skeletons.

    I put 1 into Skeleton Mastery(at first) then max out Skeletons, then finish Mastery after Skeletons.

    I maxxed out all Poison skills first. I'm at 85 now with mine, and all remaining skill points are going into Mastery.

    You will do fine in Hell with a Venom/Summoner


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