Viable build for avenger?


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Viable build for avenger?

Im thinking about adding an avenger to my playing chars and have come up with the following gear right now. I was wondering if you could take a sec and point out flaws or things I should better go without.

HoZ - 153ed
Leviathan 47str-24dr
Draculs 9ll-14str
Verdungo's Cord got several so best I guess
Raven/Manald (really dont wanna use manald but dont have a good ml substitute atm)

Amulet is a bit of a problem. From what I can tell im seriously lacking res as only the 50 from HoZ seem to be there. A mara's is out of my price range so thats not really an option. I got a 29res magic one but that of course lacks skills. Otherwise a Seraph Hymm might do the trick.

Weapon wise Im thinking of getting a Azurewrath, mostly for the overall supreme look of sanctuary + decent dmg aswell. How will this non ias from other gear affect the fpa?

Basically I dont want to use things like LoH, Upgraded Nightsmoke etc but I wanna use the really nice elite uniq options if possible. I do admit some upgr excep might be nice but I simply dont want them on this fellow ;)

Optionally Um in shako + Levi would add 44 and another one or pd in Hoz adds 22 for 66 again. That does seem to remove some of the problems as it would take me to 43% in hell (incl anya quests). Add 2*11% res on sc's for fire/lightning/cold and I think its viable.

Id be following the Avenger guide posted in the FAQ for skill distribution. Tho I might slack off the res skills and put more in HS since I doubt I'll play to 97.

So in short does this seem doable?
Do I need more IAS on gear or will a shael/ias jewel do the trick?
Will dmg be sufficient?


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Hmm, think you are stuck on the 'uniques are cool and all powerful' mentality.

Find and gamble a rare mana leech ring with resists instead of manald heal, you might as well drop the Leviathan and use Smoke/Lionheart/Tyrael's Might/etc. (in short any armour with +res), I never found PvM to need so much dr, lit and fire resists come first as priority, maxing them makes ur life way easier.


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well lets see my level 86 avenger who has 95,95,95,95 res in hell would clearly not use those items.

myself i use

andariels visage +2 skills 20%ias, 10% max poison res, 10% life steal.
the only bad part is the -30 fire res but that can easily be countered.

cresant moon ammy 3% life steal 15% mana steal means i have a good way to steal back the mana i use with vengenze.

guardian angel "UM" with the version of the avenger i use this armour alone with the the rest of my gear kick up fire, cold, lightning res to 95%

useing a pdiamond HoZ gives me alot of res and other very nice mods

belt is t-gods with might be pure overpowering from my side as i alredy have 20% lightning res from my lightsabre.

boots i use aldurs advance for the life bonus and also the huge fire res(counter the -fire res on andariels visage)

gloves i use draculas as those are a nice way to be able to tank large mods longer.

weapon is like i said before lightsabre but thats until i can get a wisp and azurewrath.

if i where you i would try to make up for your res from charms thats what i do.

also due to me playing the second version (max res auras 1 point vengenze) i can tank conviction glooms without problems.

as i get 351% res lightning with the res lightning aura on.

and i agree with evanta there is little need for dr% in pvm you can mostly get without using it at all


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Ill just give u my gear to, guess ull figure something from there:

Ummed Gaze (7/7/19)

2 x HoZ (1 ummed, 1 pdia)
39 ed jeweled azure
shaeled stormlash
dual leech res ring
raven 19 dex
res amy (something like: 30/55/30/30)
souldrainers (7/6)
gore riders
verdungo 15%
Guardian angel graded to hellforge (1500 def), ummed

My resses on hell with this are:

conv 25 (all u need)
vengeance maxed
HS maxed
fire res:10 (excl +skills)
cold res:2 (excl +skills)
li res:10 (excl +skills)

Personally i went for synergies with defiance, for hs
i get 27k alone, w/o merc and shout etc; with those i get over 45k.
I use a defiance merc from normal.

Atm i am lvl 95,4 @ europe HC

Def does matter




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Cheers on the responses. Lets see. Unlike the way it might have looked in the first thread I'm not a "uniq are all powerful and cool" kinda guy :)
There is an element of looks involved especially with a paladin imo. I use an upgraded viper on my hammerdin but it does look aweful. A Levi does on the other hand look pretty nice. After some more debate I've decided not to go with the leviathan in the end. From what I can think of I narrowed it down to a choice between: upgr duriels, upgr GA or a Stone runeword in an archon/dusk.

Weaponwise it will have to be an azurewrath since I want the sactuary bonus.

The manald, like I indicated, is nothing more than a placeholder till I get a nice dual or mana only rare.

In any case I'll start the work on this fellow and let you know how he turned out ;)


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lone_wolf said:
guardian angel "UM" with the version of the avenger i use this armour alone with the the rest of my gear kick up fire, cold, lightning res to 95%
from when has guardian angel given 20 all max resi?