Very OT but I'm too excited to not share this here!!!!!!!


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Ash Housewares said:
*holds cursor over link*
*reads link location*

**** you dude
Yeah, don't click on that nasty bad dangerous link that I purposely put as a trick to spread viruses or whatever.


I now use the power invested in me by Jimmy Hendrix in my dream last nite to tell you all to shut-up.

Its a funny link, its not about Blizzard, and it wont hurt you!!!

*whiplash to all*


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Awwww c'mon guys. Don't be so harsh. I clicked the link and it was actually pretty silly and cute. Y'all should too. If anything, it'll bring a cheesy grin to your face. ;)


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The music is from original Warcraft, isn't it?

I never owned Warcraft III, so I don't know if the music is from WIII, but I definitely remember that music from Warcraft.

Intolerance said:
New WoW beta is available for everyone!!



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Hatsepsut said:
WOW, this goes right up there with quest for the crown!
I couldn't beat Quest for the Crown without reading there strategy guide. Is their going to be a strategy guide for this one too?