Very new in 1.07


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First I want to say hi and thanks to everybody who have shared their thoughts and knowledge here. A week ago I didn't know nothing about Diablo II LOD except that it has 5 Acts, couple classes and it's a fun hack-n-slash. Back in the days when LOD was released I got to Act 4 with a Barbarian and it sort of faded there for reasons I don't remember.

I was looking for a little game I could play from time to time to get my head off work and wouldn't be too overwhelming for my notebook, and I've thought before about the fun times playing Diablo and Diablo II with my best buddy back then. So I started again. Currently in Act II and just finished Maggot Lair, which was way easier then I remembered from back then.

I am building a Sorceress and eventually I want to complete the game in Hell. Luckily, looks like I have chosen the right character because of the 'little bug of cold resistance'. While at the same time I am reading that 1.07 Hell is very challenging even for the experienced players. I wanted to build a Meteorb, but I soon realized that patches 1.07 and 1.09+ are very different. Because there is no synergy in 1.07, Meteorb doesn't sound that much of a good idea anymore. So I would kindly ask for a reference for a decent 1.07 Sorceress guide, or any other hints. Currently I am level 18 and have only allocated skill points to unlock skills in cold tree and fire tree, so I have maybe 9 skill points left. As far as I have read, Meteor is not used that much in 1.07, so the two skill points I allocated into Inferno and Blaze could be lost forever, but otherwise I should still have a good base.

So I am sort of getting into 1.07 and reading about the rack runs, I am also gathering MF gear and chewing into the TC and item dropping system which I find, as a statistician, very intriguing. But overall the information is scarce for 1.07, and I can't really find anything decent about the Sorceress. Could somebody direct me to a few good sources about the Sorceress and 1.07 in general.



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Thanks, I have read your first reference, but not the second. Just finished reading through the second and a little bit disappointed in the Sorceress, pretty much only Orb spamming. I was hoping for a more complex character.

As far as I have read 1.07 seems bugged indeed, but I haven't really felt it in-game yet. Except for the Lightning Strike Multistrike. Things got ugly very quickly when I encountered them while searching for the Tomb of Rasha. But overall I think it has this nice beta smell to it and we used to play 1.07 back in the days. Have you played it in Hell mode? I have heard it is frustrating. Also they are saying it's a 'feat' to get your character to high 80-s in 1.07.


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Have you played it in Hell mode? I have heard it is frustrating. Also they are saying it's a 'feat' to get your character to high 80-s in 1.07.
Yes, I completed (made matriarchs/patriarchs) out of all seven characters in 1.07 (almost finished it in 1.08 too). There are others in the SPF who have made it to level 99 in 1.07, but I don't have the patience. Come over to the SPF and introduce yourself, that where all the knowledge about 1.07 is, I was just a visitor!