Very frustrated MFing with my Meteorbsorc, need friendly help! der


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Very frustrated MFing with my Meteorbsorc, need friendly help!

Hello all. I used to play this game religiously 2 years ago before I quit, but I decided to start up again. Naturally I decided to go with a sorc for MFing as my first character, being starting from scratch is always rough. I found a nice guide, so you know what I'm using:

Okay now for my problems. I am now level 87 and only rockin about 130MF. Some of these are horrible level 20ish blues. It feels I'm just so weak for being level 87, I guess it's due to gear. I only have +4 to skills. What I've been doing is hell meph runs. Which I go 50/50 on. Meaning 50% of the time I'll actually make it to him alive, one bad tele and I just drop like a sack of bricks. I'm not really having good luck with drops at all being my MF is so low. I used to run eldritch/shenk, but my sorc can't even handle those. :/ Have they nerfed hell meph? Because I used to run him constantly and get tons of good items and tradables. I'm just really frustrated at this point. Has anyone started from scratch that can give me some pointers? I also tried running NM meph, I got magic drops, but they were all really low end and worth nothing to trade.


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Well if your gear is that bad then drop down to NM and MF andy and meph. They have the highest probability to drop a SOJ and just one of those will set you up with much better gear. But you will probably find better gear before one of those drops, just by mfing them.

Save those gems (regular and flawless) and cube them up, save them up and trade them bulk for runes or items.

crafting supplies are another good path to riches as most people leave them lying around.

do baal, chaos and cow runs with groups and check those white socketables

give me your gear and I will see if I can help you out a bit maybe.


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I'd also suggest spending a few pgems on your merc's gear. If you can get your merc to tank a bit for you, you'll probably have much better luck. When I was running shenk/Eldrich/Pindle I'd have to rely on my merc to stand there and take all the damage while I sat back and spammed spells.

I'd make sure I was real familiar with the price guide. Someone already suggested keeping an eye out for the white/gray items that have a lot of value. Things like Phase Blades/Archon Plate/Elite Paly Shields/4&5 os flails, etc can all get you a good price - and they aren't real hard to find. They key is knowing what has value and what doesn't. Odds are you can walk through a hell cow game after everyone left and still find some worthy stuff.

Check out some of the guides for decent cheap gear (in the library). Once you have a few pgems saved up, shop wisely.

Check out the player matchup forum too. Its generally more fun to MF with a buddy. If you find someone rich to MF with - they'll probably even give you a huge share of all the average gear.


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Well guys I stuck with it a bit and managed to get a +3 echuta's, lidless shield, and insight for my merc. :D

I can now do pits, andy, meph, eldritch, shenk, and pindle all in one game! The key was giving my merc some life leech now he can tank like a mofo. He only dies on meph though which sucks but oh well. :)


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That's because meph cannot be leeched from. You can use moat trick (search in this forum if you don't know what it means) if you have to, or just teleport frequently and give your merc pots to keep him alive. A reaper's toll will do great on meph too, and it won't cost you more than a few pgems.


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What i do when i start untwinked:
4so Armor -> 4 PTopaz
3so Helmet -> 3 PTopaz

Managed to find Gull lucky enough and have Rhyme on switch.

My Merc wears, Tal Rasha Mask, Shaftstop, Insight in a War Scythe. He can tank NM Meph and Andy and will die very fast from my Orb. Just before death i open inventorya and switch armor and helmet. Then weaponswap and now i have 268%MF. Ali Baba could also be used here, which most people will simply give to you for free.

The switching takes up 5seconds or so and is convenient enough. Still no matter how much MF you have you will need a bit of luck too ;)