Version 1.00


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Version 1.00

So, I work at this place where I have a lot of down time. Lets say, 85% of the time is down time. And I am the only one at this place. I work from 2-10 Sat and Sun. So I thought, how fun would it be to play Diablo 2 at work. But I would not have version 1.11 since I need a code for the internet there. So I just took my Diablo 2 CD, and have been rockin it.
Merchs are sucky, no mana potions for sell, and I can't put the screen at 800 X 600 (which is a pet peeve of mine)
Anyway, I am doing a tri sorc.
maxing fire-wall, nova, and blizzard(maybe orb? im not sure). I'm currently at level 22 and at the end of act 3. Leveling is very very slow. Nova kicks everyones trash. One or two blasts and everyone is dead.
At the beginning I picked everything I possibly could up so I could invest into a town portal tome.
Basically i'm having a lot of fun with it, and i'm excited to go back to work and play ghetto Diablo 2.
Oh, I love the non casting delays too :azn:


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oh man the good old days when ce owned everything and it's mom and level 70 was really high, sounds like fun