Verifying my IAS calculations and a gear question


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Verifying my IAS calculations and a gear question

I read the IAS tables/Jrichards guide, and I just wanted to run what I came up with by you assassin folks, to make sure its right.

I'm making a level 14 assassin using Clegs sword. Deciding between Deaths combo and Bloodfists
So, To figure EIAS, I used the forumula (120xIAS)/(120+ias) for each, then added 10 to that total (because cleg's sword has a WSM of -10)

I came up with 19.2 for bloodfists and 34 for deaths.

Since BoS is already counted as EIAS, I looked at the IAS bonuses per level (I can only go to level 9 BoS, being level 14), and determined that I can hit 8FPA with deaths using level 3 BoS, or 9FPA using Bloodfists

So, are these calculations correct?

thanks very much.



Diabloii.Net Member didn't state what attack you'd be using, so I'll assume you're talking about attacking with the sword, in which case you'd be right about reaching 9 frames with lvl 3 BoS and Bloodfists. However, to hit 8 frames with the Death partial set you'd need lvl 4 BoS, not lvl 3.


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I think he's kicking as he refered to Jrichard's guide, but I don't know, think you'd better specify your attack. :smiley: