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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by overlord2k4, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. overlord2k4

    overlord2k4 IncGamers Member

    Dec 1, 2003
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    I’m thinking of making a venomancer and this is what I’m thinking…

    Black bog’s Sharp (Tal Rune Socketed (i think this has psn + either tal or ral) ) (upgrade 1x)
    Snake cord (upgrade 2 xs)
    Shaftop (umed)
    Goblin Toe (upgrade 1x)
    Venom grip (upgrade 1x)
    Worm skull (upgrade 2 xs)
    Radaments Sphere
    Rings: (Note: large variety of possible rings)
    Carrion Wind (I Choose This)
    Raven Frost (I choose this)
    Stone of Jordan
    Bul Kathos Wedding Band
    Constrict Ring???
    Ammys: (Note: Large variety of possible ammys)
    Atmas Scarab (I choose this)
    Maras Kaleidoscope
    The Cats Eye
    Psn and Bone 3+ GC (3x)
    290+ spdc (9x)

    (If you do upgrade all these you will need 7 Lem 7 Ko runes and 7 P Diamonds)
    (If u get to socket Helm, Shield, put gem/jewel/rune resists or that reduce physical damage)
    Psn & Bone

    Bone Armor 1 pt
    Psn Dagger 20 pts
    Poison Explosion 20 pts
    Bone Wall 20 Pts
    Psn Nova 20 pts
    Pre-Requirements: Teeth Psn Dagger Corpse Explosion 1 pt each

    Lower Resists 20
    Pre-Requirements: Weaken, Amplify Damage, Terror, Iron Maiden, Decrepify (1 pt each)

    By level 99 and most of the skill quests done u can train all of this.

    Stats:Strength: 110
    Dex: 90
    Energy: 210
    Vitality: Rest

    By level 99 (no quests) I think u can train all of this with vit of around 110-150 somewhere in between
  2. Mad Mantis

    Mad Mantis D2/3 Necromancer & Witch Doctor Moderator

    Jun 24, 2003
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    Do you really think it is worth it too max LR instead of going for the added protection of AI curses and Decrep?
  3. JCX

    JCX IncGamers Member

    Jun 25, 2003
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    You need a second method to kill. I just finished hell with a skelly / poison hybrid and the further you get, the less poison does for you. There are alos monster who are poison immune no matter how much LR you have.

    At minimum I would take the points from LR and put them in CE. Invest in a strong merc too, he'll be busy.
  4. gvandale

    gvandale IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    I got lost here. Either the color of your post, or just reading it, either way I got sick.


    110 str (okay I guess)
    90 dex (back asswards)
    210 Energy (why?)
    REST Vit (is there much left?)

    Lemme break it down:
    1. 110 str is OKAY.
    2. 90 dex? Radament's Sphere has 56% chance to block with a Necro, so your 90 dex is gonna get you like...NO BLOCKING. With a run up and smack em type of build, your gonna get wasted!
    3. 210 energy? Why? Are you a sorcy? They don't even need that much energy. With no faster cast rate, your not going to be uber spamming PN, so WAAAAY to much energy
    4. You'll never reach 99. Not just because of this build, but just in general clvl 85 is about what is average for most of So take your skills / stats into consideration of this.

    Let me help some now, instead of just knocking down:

    Gear (listed in order best / good / okay / etc...):
    Weapon: Fleshripper (seriously, you must not understand how uber-sexy this weapon is for a poison melee mancer)/ Ghostflame / Blackbog's Sharp (upgrade)
    Helmet: Lots of options: rockstopper / gaze / andy's / coa / crown of thieves
    Armor: bramble (too sexy to not mention) or chains of honor (both expensive but worth it) / shaft / leviathan (too heavy ihmo) / duriel's shell / glad's bane
    Gloves: venom grip / laying of hands (bye bye demons) / steelrends (too heavy)
    Boots: Goblin Toe / Gore riders (both are nice)
    Rings: Raven frost / dual leecher or at least the leech your missing from other gear
    Amulet: mara's / cat's eye / highlords (sexy)
    belt: verdungo's / nosferatu's coil
    shield: HOMO / Stormshield (really isn't a choice...HOMO is much sexier)
    [/color=lime](socket everything you can with poison facets)[/color]

    max 3 poison skills + 2 pre-reqs
    1 bone armor + rest bone wall when done with everything else
    1 ea curse (more into lower res if necessary)
    1 gumby / mastery / resist

    might merc or holy freeze merc
    give them high defense, high damage, high life leech, high resistance.

    You'll obviously have high poison dmg, high AR from poison dagger bug, a great setup with CRUSHING BLOW / OPEN WOUNDS / DEADLY STRIKE all going off. Stear clear on CTC curses, since you don't want your curses overridden.

    learn how to abuse the shiit out of your curses. you shouldn't have too many +skills (but you'll have a good amount) so your curses won't be too huge. You can amp / confuse / attract. You can decrep / confuse / attract with a gumby and holy freeze merc to laugh out loud as to how slow shiit is. Lots of options.

    I hope that helps, the sermon is done.

  5. overlord2k4

    overlord2k4 IncGamers Member

    Dec 1, 2003
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    Thanks for that help... really helps alot .. the 90 dex was for blackbogs sharp (86 dex req) i thought blackbogs was best for psn necro cuz it gives a nice psn bonus the items shown was arranged from best to worse right? How much energy u propose i should have?? I luv using big words :lol:

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