Venom Ctc Q


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Venom Ctc Q

How does a Venom from a Ctc item affect other charcters Poison skills? I am mainly thinking about a Poison Javazon, while I know Venom Locks all poison Damager at >4 seconds, How does it affect the Damage listed?

Is the Listed damage stay at the same Dam/Second ratio?

How does the Venom skill damage Mixed in, is it added to the Java damamge or do you add the Total damages and divide by the Mean of te times listed (in this case .4 and 3).

How does any damage alterations from the poison coming from a ranged weapon apply here.

I hope I am being clear.

Silent Shaddow

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the game reduces all poison length 2 the smallest length and then adds them iirc, how this is reflected in the LCS i dont know...