vengeance and holy shock


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vengeance and holy shock

Did anybody try a pally with holy shock and its synergies (lighning resistance and salvation) combined with a maxed vengeance, other points in vengeance synergies and utility / prereqs?

The typical tesladin uses zeal with holy shock, while a typical avenger doesn't use elemental auras.

I am aware that there aren't enough points to complete all elemental resistances for vengeance, but I imagine such a build would have an area of effect damage, combined with an all-type physical attack. Perhaps going twohanded and abandoning a shield alltogether, focusing more on reduced damage and high life.


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I went with Vengeance with my Holy Fire pally, and it woks pretty well. Unfortunately, HF sucks in Hell and I am loathe to get going again.


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It could certainly be done, but of course you'd be sacrificing the strongest points of each build (fast attack in the case of the HS-zealot, and elemental damage combined with lowered resists in the case of the avenger).

The biggest problem I'd see would be against lightning immunes. To have HS be effective, you'll have to boost those synergies... that will help the lightning side of your vengeance, but not the other two elemental damages. In the end, you'll be strong against non-lightning immune monters (but probably not as strong as a typical HS zealot, due to your slow attack speed), and fairly weak against lightning immunes (your attacks will hurt them, but not as much as a full-fledged avenger).

Still, could be interesting! Maybe:

1 vengeance
20 holy shock
20 resist lightning
20 resist fire
20 resist cold
1 in Conviction (for lightning immunes)
Rest in prerequisites, holy shield (if one-handed, which might be best), and vengeance

Salvation only gets you a small percentage of damage, so I think skipping that skill in favor of the other elemental resists will be best overall (and the passive bonuses can't hurt, either).


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I think you are going to need a higher conviction than just 1 and extra points will give you
I think I would do the same as skunk only maybe only 10 in RC in favor of 10 in conviction and I would plan on at least lvl 85 with all skill quest done and get 10 in vengeance LI in hell doesnt come around as much as FI but they would be a major pain when you did run into them


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1 in conviction could do well enough. It's only used against LIs, and it's mostly used to lower their CR and FR.

Eilo Rytyj

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Points in Vengeance is far more efficient damage-wise than points in the Resist auras. 3 points in Vengeance yield +18% elemental damage (and +30% AR), while 1 point in each of the Resist auras only yields +10% elemental damage. You'll end up doing more damage by going:

20 Vengeance
20 Holy Shock
20 Resist Lightning
1 Salvation, Conviction, prereqs
rest of points to RC/RF synergies and/or Holy Shield.

Just a suggestion. Hope it helps.


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There's a passive bonus from the resistance auras that is quite useful (I'm approaching this from a HC mindset... Corm's mileage may vary). But that suggestion would certainly work, esp. for SC.


I did it once, big damage in the LCS, but less damaging than a convition avenger .
I've made it to MP with a conviction 2 handed avenger. I don't think it's worth to exchange conviction for holy shock, unless you team up with another pally using conviction, or use an infinity merc (though I think it'll be better to just make a fanatic avenger in both cases)


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Hmm... it will not be as effective as a pure avenger or a zealer... but I think it might be worth trying. From your comments, it looks not too difficult. I have enough pallies with a shield and holy shield, I'll try something new: twohanded with a Ribcracker, upped later when I can use it. That one would help against the LIs, and would be even more damaging against non-LIs. Could be interesting.


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Go for it! Sweet non cookie cutter build :thumbsup:

Is there a widely accepted/used name for this build (Vengeance + Elemental Aura)?


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OK, so using Vengeance together with Holy Shock:
Vengeance will not do much damage (missing Conviction 2-3 multiplier) itself.
You will need a big weapon to have vengeance effective.
You will need a fast weapon to have both damage sources applied fast.
Even with high speed, you will have a twice slower attack and it will be interruptible - and this is very important flaw for me.
You will need some AR, because you will not have Conviction - or at least some defence reducing.

I think that with 20 Vengeance, 20 HS, 20 RL, 20 Salvation, you will still apply damage faster with using zeal+HShock aura to non-LI monsters... (of course when we counting 1H weapon with 4 FPA zeal)