Vendor Shopping


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Vendor Shopping

Ok. I just ead the item generation tutorial and my head is starting to spin. :dizzy:
Ok, here's the deal. I want to shop for a +3 enchant staff for a new charachter (I want to make a leaf). I've been looking looking at charsi with a level 81 char. So far I've seen a number of +firewall staffs, so I'm assuming that it's possible to shop an enchant one.
Ok, so my questions:
1) Is it possible to shop one?
1a) If yes, will my chances of finding one go up/down if I use another level charachter?
1b) If no, is there anywhere else in the game that I can shop for one?


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Look at Drognan in normal. He can sell 2 socket +3 enchant staff (I got one with +3 fireball)

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1) Sure

1a) See 1b =)

1b) On nightmare and hell the level of the shopped item is equal to your character level + 5 IIRC (maybe 4, certainly not 6). On normal, however, itemlevels of shopped items are fixed and based on the act.

In later acts, most if not all items shoppable are already magical and not suitable for runewords. Your best (and probably only) chance is to shop Act2 Drognan. Go out of town, go back, check the store. Look for either a +3enchant 2socket staff or a clean +3enchant one that can get a maximum of 2 sockets on itemlevel<25 (check that somewhere, can't remember the exact ones).

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