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The Silver Shroud

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Drixx is (as far as I know) temporarily busy IRL.

I'm willing to mod another game (unless sone one takes it or I hear from Drixx). Plain old vanilla style.

All welcome.

The Silver Shroud

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Greetings Scarlet Rage and Scott.

If i run this game and no one steps in or Drixx doesn't say different, Im going to add the extra step of flavor items to be used in death scenes.

The way it works, before the game starts, each player can tell me via PM 3 random items (anything really) that they want worked into their death scene. If you die during the game, I will work those items into your scene.

The Silver Shroud

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I'd like to point out that I'm the one that shot him dead last game.

I deserve kudos for that. I accept payment in votes for Ankeli.

Seems like Ankeli has vanished. If anyone has contact emails for older players, feel free to send them. I know Lozzy is unable to play this one, kestegs I am not sure of at this time.

Thoughts on getting ahold on some of the old crew?

The Silver Shroud

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I'm still waiting to hear from Drixx. I know Leo has finals and will be tied up until friday. Also waiting to see if Zokar, kestegs or anyone else shows.

I could start tonight or tomorrow night with Leo as a reserve for replacement for Pyro if needed.

I'll shoot for 8 or 9 CST as a day/night start time.

Edit: anyone up for hosting so I can play?
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