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I know I read it somewhere with getting Valkyrie to slvl 17 and then the rest should be on plus skills, but I forgot the reason why this is. Could someone explain this to me or direct me to the thread? Also, if it hasn't already been suggested, maybe it could be added to the FAQ/Guide sticky.


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At slvl 17 for Valkyrie, she will be equiped with an unique war pike which comes with mssive dmg. For slvl 18 and above will be for the increment of her hit point only. Correct me if i am wrong.


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a list of her gear at different lvls follows.....

lvl 1 rare full plate mail and spear
lvl 2 adds magic heavy gloves
lvl 4 adds magic heavy boots
lvl 5 adds magic heavy belt
lvl 7 upgrades full plate mail to rare chaos armor
lvl 8 upgrades spear to rare lance
lvl 10 upgrades heavy gloves to magic war gauntlets
lvl 11 upgrades heavy boots to magic war boots
lvl 12 upgrades heavy belt to magic war belt
lvl 13 adds magic amulet
lvl 14 adds magic circlet
lvl 16 replaces chaos armor with rare sacred armor
lvl 17 replaces lance with rare war pike
lvl 19 upgrades war gauntlets to rare crusader gauntlets
lvl 21 upgrades war boots to rare mirrored boots
lvl 23 upgrades war belt to rare colussus girdle
lvl 25 upgrades magic amulet to rare amulet
lvl 27 upgrades circlet to rare tiara


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Would be so cool to be able to check out the items that your Valks are using...

Can recast until you get Cruel + Fools on that War Pike. ;)


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valkyrie lvl 17 including + skills if often enough.

afaik there is only one way to check your valks items and that isnt legit.


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Yeah, pretty sure you can check them with MH right? That's what I heard, anyway. Man, it would be cool to check my Valk's gear. I can cast her at lvl 29 with my Harmony on. :D I don't think I've ever seen here die to anything but Iron Maiden as long as I cast her above lvl ~22. Best tank there is.


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The valk is the best tank there is. Thats why, in a thread from a few weeks ago, I suggested that it would be cool if there were an item in the game with "x charges to level x valk". Imagine being able to cast a valk if you're playing a sorc or any other character. Or, imagine casting two if you're a zon.