V1.10 Mat Sev IV Mageazon


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V1.10 Mat Sev IV Mageazon

I started her as my 1st char, she is not my first mat/pat finished last week.

Character name : SevIV
Character type : Amazon
Character level : 90
Character exp : 1668005534

base/ w gear
Strength : 103 / 134
Energy : 35 / 37
Dexterity : 278 / 333
Vitality : 115 / 132
Stat Points Rem : 9
Skill Points Rem: 0

Life : 849 / 573
Mana : 431 / 178
Stamina : 448 / 268

Res: 47/ 52/ 75/ -15
Def: 1.1K
AR : 6.4K on normal attack

Damage FA 1.5K
IA 753 - 909
Strafe 160 - 557

Skills: B&C
FA 20 / 28
CA 17 / 25 <--- any more skill points here
Strafe 1 / 9
IA 18 / 29
rest 1

CS 5 / 8
D 5 / 8
A 3 / 6
E 2 / 5
SM 2 / 5
Decoy 2 / 5
Pierce 4 / 7
Valk 14 / 17
rest 1 / 4

Harlequin Crest w/OS

Stone Heart
Required Level: 31
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 57
Fingerprint: 0x77d8d80
+8 to Strength
+4 to Dexterity
Magic Damage Reduced by 2
Fire Resist +22%
Lightning Resist +16%
Cold Resist +16%
Poison Resist +16%
+1 to Amazon Skill Levels

Kuko Shakaku 172ED
Aldur's Deception Armour
Aldur's Advance Boots
Upd Nightsmoke
Raven Frost 177/19

Entropy Knot
Required Level: 46
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xae7686a8
+30 to Mana
Cold Resist +28%
6% Life stolen per hit
5% Mana stolen per hit
Half Freeze Duration

Skull Fist
Heavy Bracers
Defense: 65
Durability: 12 of 16
Required Strength: 58
Required Level: 52
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 72
Fingerprint: 0x8c0072d2
+46% Enhanced Defense
Cold Resist +15%
Attacker Takes Damage of 5
+2 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
10% Chance to cast Level 3 Nova when struck
5% Chance to cast Level 4 Frost Nova when struck


Bone Wand of Life Tap
One-Hand Damage: 3 to 7
Durability: 15 of 15
Required Level: 24
Staff Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 89
Fingerprint: 0x44b0e36a
+1 to Confuse (Necromancer Only)
150% Damage to Undead
Level 5 Life Tap (53/97 Charges)

Whitstan's Guard

6 Cold damage charms,
Gheed's Fortune 117/ 39/ 10
AR, res, life, Mana and FRW charms

Merc : Might
Guillaume's Face
Black Hades 'OrtRalThul'
Arioc's Needle w/ Amn then The Reaper's Toll

Valk Pre Buff
Athletic Amulet
Ondal's Wisdom +49 to Energy +488 Defense +4 to All Skill Levels

For Leveling on p8
Bone Wand of Lower Resistance
One-Hand Damage: 3 to 7
Durability: 15 of 15
Required Level: 36
Staff Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 89
Fingerprint: 0xed844cdd
+2 to Bone Spear (Necromancer Only)
150% Damage to Undead
Level 2 Lower Resist (71/75 Charges)

Hellforge : NM Lem / Hell Fal

Deaths : Numerous

The Ancients : she suffered 6 OHKO's to the Ancients on p1 and several resets. She spent 1.2M gold buying potions and resurrecting the merc and losing money to deaths. The Valk could tank 1. She almost killed the cursed set on the her go then I spent my time resetting and collecting her body. She used a wand of life tap to attempt to keep the merc alive abut this never worked. The leaper causes the most problems, usually FE, caused 4 deaths after leaping over her front line defence and smacking her. 2.5 hrs she had to give up with no rejuvies and money left. Time to pull out Riphook and Cleglaw's Pincers and the Reaper's Toll out of the stash and the Ancients were finished slowly but safely yep very cheesy but I :jig: after they died. Baal went the same way back did not move after being slowed and decrepified then dropped Bloodthief, bonus.:wink3:

Best Finds :

6: Lion Branded GC 5: 40MF Gheeds, 4: +4 Ondal's Wisdom, 3: Mavs Diadem, 2: SOJ, 1: Schaffer's Hammer

She was my first char in .10 LOD and 4th Mat/Pat.She's a Mageazon with 1 pt into Strafe for dual immunes with 1 pt penetrate. However, I foolishly put all of her early point into D/A/E passives and slow missiles (look at the pts wasted) and had to reorganise and re-run normal Act 4 just to get enough skill points to allocate to FA to get past normal Diablo. Life was never easy for her and death was only a cursed or FE scarab beetle away when lvling her into NM A2 using MF gear. She even died to NM Mephsito bizzard on p8 as she had - CR and no CBF until mu 1st Ravenfrost dropped on the next run. :thumbsup: I had put all of my efforts into making her a MF char and she was slow and inefficient. Then after about 6 months of playing her I found out she would not be hell viable with low AR and the bow skill bug with LCS relying on leech. So I continue to MF with her in the Museleum and Crypt. I parked her for several months to magic find with the Fishymancer, she ends up with Aldur's partial set, why? Well give 150% AR bonus so this plus 1pt Penerate with + skills and AR charms fixes the low AR in Hell, she has a respectable 6K AR with the normal attack but she was the first buddist amazon, totally orange and she looked bald with Shako. But style aside the Aldur's armour/boots partial set is decent for a character relying to AR to hit, it saved my Zon about 13 skill points in Penetrate

But having said all that, FA and cold damage length made her life easy against non CIs, statues don't attack. Lister's crew is the best example. They caused no problems at all. She had 12 seconds total freeze, about 1.5 -3 sec in Hell, enough to often reposition to take better advantage of 100% pierce after a hit. IA was used on ghost monsters as the burning worked well but IA has had its day in 1.09. Outside a tournament I would not build another mageazon like this. She was lucky though. Her future , probably retirement she could run Cows and Pindle p1, The ancient tunnels on p3-5. she would be kill well with more + B+C skills.

Next on the list : Frost Zealot NM A2 so far efficient but boring. Then a new char either a Whirler, Pup with ripcracker or Schafferdin. Time to go melee


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Another nice Mat, congratulations. And some very nice drops.
How was you AR on the strafe?


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Good in early acts to OK in later acts, against the Ancients and against stone skin bosses. But usually I would FA against all non CIs, and life tap the boss if it wasn't PI and let the merc and valk tank and kill stoneskins. If the boss was PI, CI I fed the merc potions and used IA with eat away its life. AR or an ITD weapon is necessary to make effective use of pierce.