v/t's are great... how about v/z's?


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v/t's are great... how about v/z's?

i was thinking.. someone on the forums mentioned a vindicator//charger, and vindi-temps are already well known... how about a vindi-zealot?

the share a common aura unlike foh, and charge is best when used with vigor.. plus its kinda buggy and im not very good with it.

i figure
20 holy shield
20 fanat
20 smite
20 sacrifice
rest in zeal

basically you smite when you can, and while they are stunned you go in for the kill with zeal.. i think i can make this build work. do you think it is viable in the pvp scene or should i just scrap my idea and make a bone necro instead? (hehe just kidding =D) yea anyway, i need a lot of help in terms of gear. by the way all the gear mentioned is all endgame, final, the best of the best gear available. no i dont have any of this stuff. but this is the optimal set up.

ok so here is what i was thinking in terms of gear.
armor: cant decide between enig and coh...(which?)
weapon: silence phase or zerker for smite.. (which one?)
weapon switch: botd eth zerker for zeal
shield: upgraded hoz for smite
shield switch: eitehr another hoz, exile, or storm. (which?)
ammy: most likely highlords for ias and ds. (ds is for zeal)
ring1: raven frost... duh
ring2: bulkathos (smite will probably be my main attack so no leech)
belt: verdungos and have a spare tgod for light res in case of foh
boots: gore riders
gloves: the hard part.. should i go with bloodfist for the ias//fhr//life.. or dracs? bfist are better for smite, and dracs are better for zeal.. which should i go for?

ok so thanks a lot... what ias should i aim for with smite? lets assume fanat will be lvl 25..

also i hear that 10x combat charms with life are the best way to go with this build.. is that so? or should i go with the standard zealot fare of max//ar//life??

thanks again.


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Imo, assuming this is pvp, zeal is inferior to smite even if you have high ar (which you won't have with that setup) and use botd. Both are in close attacks, so why use zeal when you can use smite?


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i see.. allright after hearing the both of you i guess i will go with the good ol' vindi-temp.. i guess if nothing foh will scare other players into staking light res and sacrificing regular gear which will in turn allow me to smite them to death.. and if they make the mistake of not having good light res i can foh them to death.. just another ques then..

go for max foh dmg while putting the rest in smite ?

or max smite dmg with leftovers in foh..

also does anyone know the mathematical approach to having foh at the highest dmg possible while splitting the points between that and its synergy? and how many in conviction?
at lvl 91 you can have

20 fana
20 smite
20 holy shield
1 vigor
1 defiant
1 meditation
1 cleansing
1 prayer

and 20 free skill pts

do 10 FOH 10 Holy Shock or 15/5

but I think 10/10 is more dmg


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Errrrrr tgods dosnt grant lightning resist and you wont find the absorb any use unless you have some stacked resists. Zeal and smite kinda condradict eachother.

Pravda woudnt call zeal inferior unless you have something to back it up with.


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TheCheese said:
Errrrrr tgods dosnt grant lightning resist and you wont find the absorb any use unless you have some stacked resists. Zeal and smite kinda condradict eachother.

Pravda woudnt call zeal inferior unless you have something to back it up with.
Zeal can be blocked and you need to have good ar to hit. Sure it's faster than smite, but considering you won't leech much, I don't think it's as good as before. I used to have a zealot that had 2300life, did 6k average dam, and had 20k ar. Still, I had problems beating even half-decent v/ts in pure zeal/smite duels. It's no coincidence that one of the most popular pally sub-classes is v/t, not z/t.
Everyone is telling lies.

A common thing to remmember with zeal


this is y maxing Sacrifice isn't always the best option.

The two things that seperate most zealots apart is their attack rating and defnese.

The maxing of all synergies isn't always a good idea.

Sure your damage wil be nice but you will only have like 7k ar. Not very good for pvp.

instead try this.

You can even do this without maxing smite !! now thats impressive.

20 Zeal. Obvious reason. Ar + Damage

20 Fant. Ar + Damage + Ias

20 Holyshield. Defense + Blocking. Damage to smite.

now up untill that point is pretty standard. But this is where the new part comes in.

20 Defiance. With the synergie to holysheild this boosts ur def alot. You won't get hit

20 Blessed Aim. Passive 5 % ar bonus. = 100% more ar .

this is doable at lvl 96 But you may just want to leave either Defiance or Aim at a lower lvl if you don't want ot go that far.

Grab your self 10 x combats. And some decent gear and you can use smite effectivly as a secondary attack. Sometimes the person just won't die. So Smite / Zeal them.

Most zealots use smite anyways so its not really a new build.

Have fun.