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v/t temp

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by donzi, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. donzi

    donzi IncGamers Member

    Feb 21, 2006
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    v/t temp

    I've searched it and i see nothing, I see smite and auradin but nothing for v/t's

    can someone hook me up with a link or your own personal build stats, skills, gear i'd geratly appreciate it..

    Thanks in advance
  2. Arutha

    Arutha IncGamers Member

    May 20, 2004
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    There are a couple things about v/t's in the sticky up top there that are worth reading. I can tell you what my v/t uses if you would like.

    'ber' shako
    grief zerker
    mp enigma
    up'd 'ber' hoz
    20ias str gloves (if i had a 40ias grief zerk i would use bloodfist)
    2xBk rings
    +65 life waterwalks
    9xP combat lifers, torch, anni
    10x life/res scs
    on switch:
    cta made in a +2foh +2 conv war scepter
    spirit or hoz

    I am more on the smite side so I maxed smite, fanata, holy shield, the rest I put into foh and holy shock used the link in the sticky to optimize it although i have more +skills now that i did when i 1st made him so maybe i should redo it. I smite with grief/hoz and foh with cta/spirit or hoz, 3.3k smite dmg, 49% dmg reduction, max block, 4550 life, 4k or 4.2k foh depending on spirit or hoz. lvl 18 conv, I didnt put any pts in this I get it from the scepter i made cta in. I would like to get a 40ias/390+ grief zerk so I can use bloodfist and maybe thro on treks for more %fhr and try that.
  3. RetroStar

    RetroStar IncGamers Member

    Apr 13, 2004
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    I am quite sure Pravda's V/T guide is still up there in the sticky.

    Skillwise it will be very different in optimizing the FoH dmg as it depends on your level. Therefore the guide will be much better for reference.

    Str: Enough for gear (should be base if you're using enigma)
    Dex: Max block
    Vit: Rest

    Gear: Pretty much based on personal preference.
    Helm: CoA, Shako
    Armour: Enigma
    Ammy: Highlords if you're using Zerk and any other good ones will work if you're going with PB
    Rings: Raven/BK
    Weapon: Grief Zerk (range) or Grief PB (speed without additional IAS and immune to holy freeze)
    Shield: HoZ, Exile (Don't really like it though), Stormshield as backup if you need 50%DR, Resist shield, JStod (not really needed), Spirit (I have one in situations where I tele a lot)
    Belt: Verdungo, Arach (when I tele a lot, I aim for 75% bp)
    Boot: Gore, resist boots
    Glove: dracs, bloodfist, trang as backup if I need tele


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