V/C Shield Socketing Query


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V/C Shield Socketing Query

Hi, I'm in the midst of building my new v/c. Need some help from fellow paladins.
I had interest in Exile, but then again...the lack of +skills, +str, and BM turns me off.
Thus back to HoZ WestNLSC.

Basically, I'm gonna use:
'ber ber' 15dr CoA = 31dr
Enigma or CoH = 8dr
TGods - for +str and lt absorb
I prefer TGod as I do not wish to switch belts. IE: Verdungo for melee, etc. And I find TGod is more versatile.
I do not wish to weapon switch during duels if possible due to the fact that sometimes the switch is unsuccessful and my ear will drop. :(

Weapons are not my concern atm, just the following...
For my HoZ options,
1) Ber it for 47dr
2) Ohm it for 30-42 smite
3) Socket a +dmg jewel for higher ave smite

My questions:
1) Has someone been successful in melee duels with <40dr? Due to the high def and 75%block of this build nature, is 39dr viable?
I'm in favor of 39DR tho, cuz it allows me to have more smite dmg.
2) I know ed adds to smite dmg, and +dmg modifier from items like Redeemer also does the same, but do +min-max dmg jewels add as well? And does it add like what the faq has stated (no pvp penalty, etc), or does it add straight to shield's smite dmg?
3) I would also like to know your preference for socketing a HoZ in my case. Thanks in advance.

PS: Pls answer only if you are 100%positive for Q1 & Q2. I'm open to suggestions for Q3. Sorry for being demanding, but some of those Bers/Ohms/jewels that I got are costly in my eyes.


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Hi, thanks for helping.
Is ed calculated same way on the smite dmg?
I was thinking of getting an ed/fhr jewel so i can reach 86fhr for 4 framers.

Anyone else have or are using <40dr in dueling?


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What about 1.10 griswold's shield?

ch33s3 m4st3r said:
i use 18 dr, it works alright for me. im on west too, you wanna duel some time?
I normally go for as much dr as possible if i am not using a doom berserker axe.

when i use the doom axe, i use 1.10 griswold shield. gives more utility value in pubbies

but if in legit duels, dont be surprised if dr is capped to like 35% or something for paladins